Peter Gabriel 'SO' 25th Anniversary Remasters

Just got an email from Peter Gabriel's web site. He remastered 'So ' as well as some live stuff and its available in all formats including 180g vinyl. He 's also released tour dates in the U.S. and Canada for September. The Cd's, vinyl etc is available for pre-order on his web site as well as Amazon. Looks like you can buy complete sets or as individual.
Original sounds good enough for me so far. Donno about remaster.
The cool thing if you buy the full set is there is a concert (unreleased) on dvd .
I bought this a year ago for my daughter. Turntable has been broken, just got it fixed. Played it and all sorts of ticks and noises on it. Did anyone else have this problem? I would like to buy another one (used) but not if they all have poor quality.