Peter Gabriel's "So": How does the remaster sound?

Has anyone compared the sound quality of the original CD and the recent remaster? Is it worth upgrading the CD?
I bought the remastered version of "shaking the tree" which contains several tracks off "So". I compared those to my unremastered copy of "So" and was pretty impressed with the changes. Clearer and more dynamic. Less hash tizzle, especially on some of the livlier and more instrumentally crowded tracks. More depth.
It's very good as all the remasters are.
I have original vinyl that I mananged to acquire for $1.50 that sounds superior to remastered CD.
All the remasters have significantly more "air" to them... its as if someone turned the volume way up on the reverbs... "So" also is reordered ending with "in your eyes" which has become his signature over the past 15 years....definitely worth buying for the high end extension.... in particular," US" benefited the most IMHO as it now seems far more dynamic then when originally released... since these are also being released on 200g vinyl (1 and 2 are available now) Quiex SV, you get your choice of vice for re enjoying PG and his great music...