Peter Gabriel remasters

Picked up the first Gabriel album today and the fourth (a.k.a Security in the States)--sounds like a very good job has been done,nice improvement on the sound,in terms of ambient detail and dynamics.........will pick up the rest once my local shop gets them in...any other thoughts on these discs??????

I thought that they did a nice job on all the Peter Gabriel remasters. They sound detailed & alive, not as compressed as the original CD pressings. I picked up the Greatest Hits (Shaking the Tree); So Far; and Security. They sound good on all the home stereos and discman. Gabriel has a new CD coming out next week, Long Walk Home.

Rich, not sure about Long Walk Home but Gabriel's new cd is UP and isn't out till September, see

I bought the first two Gabriel remasters
which I thought would most benefit from the remastering
they are both definitely more revealing
and the era photos and lyrics are a nice touch

Morbund the Burgermeister off I is no longer so murky
you can actually understand what he is singing
well worth the investment

I picked up the first four and Us today. I've only listened to Us an Security so far, but I also think they did a good job.
Hi guys,

Long Walk Home is out - the soundtrack to the upcoming movie 'Rabbitt Proof Fence'.

Funny that I came across this thread because I was going to post asking what anyone's thoughts were on the remasters. I have a sampler CD with about 8 remastered songs (1 from each album I think). Compared Games w/o Frontiers to the original CD (Gabriel 3) and it sounds more open and dynamic. Also compared Sledgehammer (So) and felt the same, though to a lesser extent - probably because the recording is newer than Gabriel 3. Also Shock the Monkey (Security) has some improvement, though not as obvious as the others (at least to me). Some of the effects/sounds/instruments are mixed more 'out in front' than previously.

Anyone else have some insight? I'm particularly interested in the improvements in the first 4 albums.

Here is some info I grabbed off the site about a recall of some of the remasters:

Due to a packaging error with the limited edition "mini vinyl" versions of Peter Gabriel's Remastered catalogue they have temprorarily been withdrawn from sale in the UK. The problem lies in the placement of a sticker, mistakenly attached directly to the printed surface instead of to the shrink wrap.

The new packaging rectifying the fault will be released on the 10th of July.

If you have already purchased copies of the 'mini vinyl" releases and wish to swap them for the new versions your retailer should be able to help you with the exchange.

If you purchased from please email quoting your Order number for details on how to exchange your CDs.
FYI, there is also an interview on PG's site where he talks about the remasterings: