Peter Gabriel in Chicago

Worth every penny! Just got back from the show. If you have tickets for thursdays show,you are in for a treat. Played a nice mix of old and new.
I have 10th row floors for Dec 2, Toronto. Good to hear the show is good, how long was it? In the past I've heard he puts on a spectacular show filled with great sonics, theatrics, and special effects. My hopes will be high, and so will I!!!!!!!!!!!!
I too thought it was a good show and had pretty good seats - front row : ) While i would not say that there were a lot of theatrics involved compared to some bands, i would say that there was a lot more going on than a bunch of musicians sitting around playing their instruments. There were some things that kind of threw me for a loop as to why they were being done, but they explained themselves as the show progressed. Let's just say that some of the props "morphed" as the situation arose. I don't want to give things away, but i'm sure that Tim has a good idea of what i'm referring to.

As to the length of the show, Peter went on stage at 8:45 and was done a little bit after 11. This included two encores and the crowd was still intact and yelling for more. For the first show of the tour, i think they got off to a good start. The highly receptive crowd probably didn't hurt Peter and crew though. It's always nice to have a LOT of very vocal support when starting off on a new venture.

As a side note, the Blind Boys of Alabama were pretty enjoyable. Very different than what one might expect as an opening band for Mr Gabriel, but good none the less. There was supposed to be a third act but something must have happened along the way. Sean
I was a Gabriel junky in the 80's and then his music went to crap. How does this music and show rank to those old tours?
I am not the most knowledgable when it comes to Peter's musical history / background. My girlfriend absolutely loves him though, and that is how i ended up at the show. Obviously, i know some of his music from being exposed to Genesis and his solo efforts via the radio and various music videos. I can't say whether you would like his new stuff or not. I do know that i enjoyed the show though and i'm not a "dyed in the wool" fan or anything like that. As Flemke stated, there was a good mix of older stuff that i recognized and newer stuff that i had just recently listened to. He comes across as someone that is quite sincere in his motives and words. For a 56 year old man, i think Peter is still having a good time playing rock n roll and tries to pass that on to his fans at shows. Sean