Peter Gabriel and music like his


I'm a big fan of Peter Gabriel and his music in every aspect. Do any of you know of well-recorded musical styles like his whether female or male. Thanks.
Guess Peter Gabriel must be pretty unique judging by the lack of responses.

If you're interested in chasing down music similar to early Genesis, you might want to check out Anthony Phillips - one of Genesis's founding members - who followed a little known solo career afterwards. Some of his early stuff - especially "The Geese and the Ghost" have that prog-rock-Genesis sound.

If you haven't tracked down PG's film scores yet, "The Passion" is great (from "Last Temptation of Christ"), and (although I only heard it on the film) the soundtrack to "Rabbit Proof Fence" was pretty haunting too.

The closest female I can think of - and she sings back up on "So" - is Kate Bush. Her 1982 CD "The Dreaming" captures some of PG's weird, world-beat sound as well as his some of his dreamlike lyrics (thinking of songs like "Family Snapshot"). The title track "The Dreaming" is all Australian didgeridoo beat; "Pull out the Pin" tells the tale of a Vietcong ready to throw a hand grenade; "Houdini" is a tale told from the POV of his wife. A truly amazing album. If she hadn't released anything else, this would have cemented her critically acclaimed status.

Hear samples at MSN (although it doesn't seem to currently work) and at Amazon BTW, it seems to be on sale at Tower Records for $7.99 - a screaming good buy.
Pete has had a pretty long career so it's hard to get too specific up front. Which period of work do you like? Late solo, mid-solo, early solo, or his work with Genesis? In the Progressive genre there are several to suggest, but I'd need to know what exactly it is you like about Pete's work. I've been a fan for many years now and I love Progressive music. I would be happy to suggest some if you contact me.

I absolutely love Gabriel's work, oddly enough I detest Genesis (with and without Mr. Gabriel). If you like Peter Gabriel's experimental/progressive style you may want to check out Gentle Giant and early Jethro Tull. A more recent artist that seems to have a similar approach to their music is Sting (some may even include Joe Jackson too).
Todd Rundgren: The Healer
Pink Floyd: UmmaGumma
Hawkwind: Hawkwind
Ten Years After: Stonedhenge
Radiohead: Kid A
Joni Mitchell: Daun Jaun's Reckless Daughter
More on request...
If you have an sacd player, check out BECK.

I'm trying to think of an artist who is like Peter Gabriel and nothing pops into my head. I think I have all his stuff (re-mastered) and it's really hard to think of anyone who is doing what he's doing.

As far as some other world music artist that are doing some neat things try

John Williams - Magic box (classical guitar)
Alex De grassi and Quique Cruz - tatamonk
Alex De grassi - Bolivian blues bar

also try Bill Frisell - blues dream
Thank you all for your responses. Let me clarify. I do enjoy some of the mid career solo work from Gabriel and also the latter and current day stuff. I will have a listen to some of your suggestions. Thanks.
a group similar and used to be in the england charts at the time 1971 1972 is van der graaf generator.the leader is peter hammill and that man made numerous albums.the top vdgg (to my taste ) is "pawn heart", from the first wave cos they split to reform in 1974 i think,the top album of their second wave is "still life".peter hammill made some very interesting albums like,fools mate,chameleon in the shadow of the night,the silent corner and the empty stage and many many others.a very good group too is gong.too is "the soft machine",the "strawbs" particularrly the albums ,grave new world and hero and heroine.groups like from former genesis phil collins called, brand x,anyway if you need more email me.pat
I enjoy Peter's Secret Garden DVD concert if you have DVD I highly recommend it.
Oddly enough I find that Dave Mathews on his new CD Gravedigger sounds an awful lot like Gabriel
joseph archer
sarah mclachlan
dave matthews early stuff
Does anyone know how the new Dave Mathews or Sarah Mclaughlin albums sound? The last two Dave Mathews albums weren't that great and Sarah hasn't recorded anything in five years so who knows if she still has it.

An honest critic would be nice.
Hasn't anyone recommended any other artists on Peter's own Real Wolrd label? I REALLY liked the Adrian Sherwood release titled Never Trust A Hippy. Great world-beat/ethnic/dub instrumentals. Very trippy and superbly produced by Sherwood. Another few great Real World releases are by Jocelyn Pook. She produced that spooky ritualistic music used by Kubrick during the masked sex ball scene in Eyes Wide Shut. Her work is more classically based with electronics with sometimes operatic vocals. Impeccable production again.
Canucks0, you pose a tough question. I saw your post a few days ago and did not know how to respond. Not sure I'll do well now either...

I am a big fan of Peter Gabriel music from throughout his career. Nothing strikes me immediately as being "like Peter Gabriel" really - it's tough to think of artists who 'stretched out time' (varying tempos within a single line or verse, singing slowly, etc) on a record in the same way. The one who comes most easily to mind is David Bowie.

Other artists who fit into a similar "interesting, slightly off-the-beaten-path, intellectual, constantly searching" mold might be Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, David Bryne, and perhaps a slight nod to Bryan Ferry/RoxyMusic.
Roxy Music
Kate Bush is the female counter part to Gabriel.
Well, there's nothing quite like Peter Gabriel; even early Gabriel (e.g. Genesis) is very different from his current stuff. You might like Steve Hackett's recent releases (he was also in early Genesis). Another band that falls into the art-symphonic-progressive vein and has Gabriel-like moments is "The Flower Kings - Stardust We Are".

try expanding into Gabriels projects other than his "solo" stuff. Afro Celt Sound System is killer. kind of techno meets "Sounds From the Hearts of Space"
That is a tough question. If you like the new world music there is an AWFUL lot that sounds the same.Which to me is totally different from his Genesis and solo stuff. I would second Hackett's work and Tony Levin's work