Pet Sounds-Full range and subwoofers only

I just played this album on vinyl today for the first time in a while and was astonished to hear the track "Let's Go Away For Awhile" (2nd last on 1st side).
This is instrumental only and with my 2 Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers, I could swear that the bass response plunges cleanly to 27Hz or even 25Hz?
Has anyone else noticed this impressive feat? no other track on the same album seems to come close?
I love this album and just have put my copy on the platter to check this out. There is notable bass on the track, getting big and spatial because of studio mixing (reverbation etc.), exciting for a 60s record - but nothing marvelous in terms of deep bass sound.

Maybe it depends on the pressing you have. Mine is an old US duophonic pressing, Capitol DT 2458. Scratchings say: DT - 1 - 2458 - A 9 #3 / DT - 2 - 2458 - A 9 #2 AIM.

What is yours?
I could swear that the bass response plunges cleanly to 27Hz or even 25Hz?

How did you come to this conclusion? Measurements or a "calibrated ear"?
I have the reissue produced by Pawelski remastered by Ron Mcmaster in May 1999 on Capitol Records.

Only my "calibrated ear" I'm afraid Tpreaves as the room response and pressurisation was such that it equalled that which I heard on the Stereophile Test CD at 27Hz.

I was hoping someone with test equipment might be able to confirm?
If not....perhaps someone else's 'calibrated ear' would add some weight? :-)