Pet Sounds at 50--NPR video

NPR posted a video about the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys' LP "Pet Sounds"
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Very Nice!
Nice. Thanks tostadosunidos.
Great little documentary! When Brian plays the chords to "God Only Knows" (my absolute number one all-time favorite song) on the piano, without the other parts you can really hear how incredible the chords are. Just insanely great, music as good as I’ve ever heard, including Classical. I love that Brian says "GOK" was for him the high point of Pet Sounds. I have a 7" 45 of "Caroline No", a song from the album released as a single, credited on the label to not The Beach Boys, but to Brian Wilson. I had Brian sign it when I went to the album release event for his first solo album---the treasure of my collection.
Does pop/rock music get any better than this? I very much doubt so.
In an earlier tune, Brian asked the question:

Will I joke around and still dig those sounds
When I grow up to be a man?

The answer, 50 years later, is "yes, absolutely."  I still dig those sounds.