pet's & xmas

i personally know quite a few member's here who not only own pet's but treat them like family,this bring's me to the question,what did you get your pet for xmas.

we have a 100lb snow white americain bull dog who's favorite toy is a bowling ball so my wife & i got her a custom child's ball with her name on it,my son's treated her to supper at mcdonald's & bought her various squeeky toy's & a box of mint milk bone's.

im curious if anybody else will fess up what they bought their pet.

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I bought my two dogs a new pair of Reference 3A Dulcet speakers. They love them. The only stipulation is that they let me listen to them periodically. I also put in their stockings some fried pig's ears, milk bones, and various squeeky and chew toys. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all get your pets something nice from Audiogon.
LOVE American Bulldogs Mike! We have a 115 lb Bullmastiff named Diesel. Love the bowling ball idea - he's already trashed a basketball, which was his favorite toy for a while. We got him the usual treats - he's hard to shop for since he already eats better than we do. He lost his best friend, our American Staffordshire Terrier, Jax, coming onto three years ago now. We'd considered bringing a new furry family member, but keep putting it off. At first it was just too difficult to think of 'replacing' Jax. Then we got involved with a major renovation on our house. The longer we put it off, the more Diesel gets spoiled being an 'only child'. Now I think he may resent a brother or sister for the loss of attention. One funny note I wanted to add, Diesel loves to unwrap gifts, as does my siter in-law's bullmastiff mix. It's hilarious watching them tear into their gifts (you can forget about recycling that wrapping paper). Somehow they know not to go further than the gifts they are given. Do you think it could be the smell of raw meat and the blood dripping out of the packing?

We are planning to give our two Siberian Huskies, Frank and Sadie, a couple of cats to play with for Christmas, oops, just kidding. Oh well, they don't always get everything on their list. They will have to settle for new beds and some cooked leg bones. And of course lots of attention from the folks coming over tomorrow. They do alright. Merry Christmas to you and your furry, feathered, or scaly friends.
I have an 8 month old beagle pup named Logan, who is already spoiled beyond belief. He will undoubtedly receive a pile of toys of the squeaky, furry, and edible variety. Equally undoubtedly, he will ignore them all in favour of sneaker insoles, and dirty underwear found in the laundry hamper.

Oddly enough, he seems confused when no one will let him lick their face.

A new bed how do you get them out of your bed ? i have to fight my pooch to even get my own bed back,damm lazy pooch.
We used to have a 16 ft burmeese python naned dynamo & her xmas gift was a flemish giant bunny rabbit every year,not very merry but a necessary evil.


Why didnt i think of getting my pooch gear for xmas! im sure i,oop's i meant she coulda used a new set of monoblock's for xmas,you should put on pink floyd animal's for them while their chowin down the pig ear's.


Diesel,i love it,naming a bull of any kind something like fluffy or muffin just aint makin it.

Your right it is way cool to watch them unwrap their gift's,our bully isnt the greatest thinker though, she usually just smashes her face & big ole rubbery lip's all over her gift's until we get tired of laughing at her & tear em open for her.We caved in & gave her the new 'ball' today,she love's it,it's sooooo funny to watch her with it,she get's it rolling with her stubby snout & run's all over the yard chasing it,we laugh our asses off until she tire's out.

one thing's for sure dog's are great!

Got my Cocker Spaniel and Dalamation/Australian Sheperd a couple of stuffed animals and various doggie treats.
They get excited on Christmas morning just like everyone else, can't leave them out!
Our English Mastiff, Evita, gets some extra juice pulp in her Christmas dinner. Our Jack Russell, Mario, has requested an individually gift-wrapped, savory rodent for each of the next eight nights of Hannukah. The dogs split holidays, carrying on the tradition of my Jewish mother, whose favorite holiday is Christmas. Tomorrow is her wedding anniversary, in fact, married 24 years ago in front of her Christmas tree. Her 17-year-old silky terrier, KD (as in 'killer dog'), gets some new toys tomorrow as well.

We have 2 cats now ... Archie, a 15 year old black & white, and Ruby, an 11 year old orange and white. Archie was bothered by the increasing amount of hum in the Marantz 2240 in the bedroom and so insisted that I get him the Outlaw Retro Stereo Receiver . Yeah, he's the demanding one ... it's 5:22 AM here in NYC ... and he'll probably insist that I set it up for him this morning before going to see my mom. Ruby was content with some new catnip mice ... she's a tube girl anyway and likes the Prima Lunas.

Mike ... thanks for remembering the furry ones.

Regards, Rich
Maxx, the sweetest Bouvier des Flandres around, has been really playful with his old toys lately, Kongs, Kong balls, knobby nylabones, etc. However, his rope finally fell apart 3 months ago just before his 2nd birthday.

On a lark, on the 23rd, I bought him a new one and forgot to give it to him until about 10 a this morning. He's been like a kid...ignoring the old toys and just ripping around the house teasing everyone with his new toy and pestering the crap out of everyone until they play with it too.

Quere? Do they know?? I do know Maxx loves to be laughed at.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all us doggy people.
Let's take care of our little buddies and treasure the time we have with them. I still miss my first Bouv, Mickey. A beautiful and aloof clown. He died in July of 2004 and Maxx came home with us on Dec. 23, 2004, due to a generous local breeder who knew my heart was broken and needed another of these marvelous hairy tanks with the hearts of a vaudeville comedian.

Maxx helped me decide that PK's 57 Quads are the only "real" speaker when he barked at Roger Water's dog in Amused to Death. No other speaker has ever fooled him. Just what I more opinion about my system. I should have studded him out and made him help pay for them.
Have you tried Jane's Addiction's song, "Been Caught Stealing"? Give that one a try, a real doggie treat during the intro.

Love those Bouviers! My sister has one named Dulce, who goes everywhere with her in NYC, even into some restaurants!
well our pooch 'kitty' as the kid's call her has totally destroyed everything we bought her except a little purple squeeky alligator that she has been sleeping with,its funny how dog's pick out what they really like & destroy the rest.

the bowling ball should be good for life.
I gave my old Riesenschnauzer bitch a new mat thingie this Christmas.
I do also treat my pet as a family, for example, I got my dog this healthy dog bones which can be entertaining for him and yet a healthy treat whenever he is a good boy. :)