Pet Peeves

As every dog and cat owner knows, fido and fluffy may be cute, but at times they're more irritating than adorable. So, keep your puppy (and kitty) love strong with your purchase of 'My Pet Speaker'. Full details at: The speaker promises to take out frequencies that hurt animals ears, keeping them nice and clam. As you will find at the site, there is music available to help you and your pet 'listen'. Better act quickly before the animals protection and rights people visit you.
MMy pet birds love music, and I can tell when they are totally entranced by it. The Cockatiel loves Maria Callas in particular.
The Cockatiel has to stay away fron the record jackets. If he get at them, he can damage five or six in a few seconds, chewing the edges up.
He listens pretty good, and responds properly to the command "NO". but within thirty seconds he can be right back at them, IF I am not watching. (smart little bird)
The parakeet is intimidated by the Cockatiel, and stays in his cage (though the door is open) The parakeet sings along with some music (nice)
What about pets that add their own sounds while you're trying to listen?

Good Example
Elizabeth: ha! yes those birdies can shred some stuff in no time flat. My Blue-Crown conure and my Senegal have destroyed lots of books esp. paperbacks.. (cage was close to bookshelves) Luckily they are no where near any of the listening rooms.
My cat is always nice and clam.
Viridian, did you like the hungry fat cat video? I laughed out loud when my son sent me that link.
Albert, I did, but it hits a bit too close to home! BTW, my dog, Lucky, says to say hello to you. It seems that the days we used to be in AudioMart are so far away now. Walt passed away and, from time to time, I think about Lenice and Early.

Tell Lucky hello back for me. Yes, it's been a long time since the old AudioMart days.

I remember I would sit for hours with a ruler to separate the ads so I didn't misread prices. One friend would use a copy shop to blow up the entire issue so he could read the print.

It's so easy with Audiogon, I think we are spoiled now.
Albert funny, I used to use a yellow highlighter - lived in LA at the time - and after I was done marking the issue, I would start calling. All of the really sweet stuff was gone before we would get our issues on the West Coast. Well, if Walt didn't get it first. I had him call and buy things from me on more than one occasion. It seems easier now, but somehow less fun.