Pet audiophile peeves - name yours

1. Power supplies that are not the same size or finish as the preamp. Who decided this was a good idea?

2. Ridiculous and obvious snake oil salesman
10-07-07: Entrope
Use of the word base for bass

Me, too Entropy. Two others:

Use of the word "then" for "than", "to" for "too"

Lack of tone controls on preamps. Don't volume, balance and source-selector controls introduce noise? Shall we get rid of them, too?

Steve O.
1) People who post double posts. Like the one here.

Haha, just kidding.

2) Ads that don't list the original price or list a false high price.
Cdc there are some good reasons not to list the original price. If the item was bought several years ago, then the original price may be artificially low [inflation]. Or if an EU product was bought even 2-3 years ago in the US, than the list price is too low, as the US dollar has fallen into the crapper of late!
This strikes a nerve.Dictating how I will conduct my self when trying to purchase an item from them .
Do not tell me how to conduct myself when I am trying to spend my HARD EARNED CASH.
I will ask questions in anyway I see fit or my business isn't coming your way.

There was a earlier discussion about if certain questions are not asked ,prior to buying, then don't come back @ the seller if something was not included..don't assume anything...ask questions...

If an accessory is not listed then the item DOES NOT come with it. Manuals may not be factory. They are whatever came with the unit when we recieved it. Power chords are not factory power chords. They come out of our stock. We are not responsible for your incorrect expectations if you do not read the entire ad.

Serious inquiries only, please! One-liner emails like "Is this still available?", "What is your rock bottom price?" or "will you take $xxx?" etc. will not get an answer. We prefer emails in a format similar to this: "I have a few questions about item abc. If you answer these questions to my satisfaction, I am ready to purchase item abc, and I would like to pay with (see payment methods below) and my shipping address and telephone number are as follow:". If this policy offends anyone, please understand that we have the best pre-owned highend inventory in the world, and as such we are the top choice for thousands of shoppers internationally, thus the need to filter out the tire-kickers. If you're a serious buyer and we somehow ignored your email, don't sweat it just pick up the phone and call!

If I am vaguely interested then DON'T EVEN EMAIL only if I am a serious buyer ..what ever the heck that means.
Maybe just hold my wallet open take what you want and then show me the door like attitude..