Pet audiophile peeves - name yours

1. Power supplies that are not the same size or finish as the preamp. Who decided this was a good idea?

2. Ridiculous and obvious snake oil salesman
Rude, obnoxious dealers like Bill Feil! He should be banned from audiogon and from the business. Why would anyone ever deal with such a an ego!
Remote controls!

1) REALLY expensive CD players that come with a cheap plastic remote. Also, remotes should have buttons that are easy to find and use in the dark.

2) HDTV remotes that require a computer programmer to operate! Most people will never understand or use 75% of the available functions. I don't want to go through three menus to adjust the color.
power cords that are so stiff, they barely bend enough to plug in! Is there really no better connector than a 15amp IEC??
Granting audio rags and their reviews any status higher than "entertainment".

Any use of the word "mid-fi"