Pest Inspection

What is the best to exclude the infestation from garden? Need of advice.
Martin Logan or any panel speakers would make much more sense as they tend to cease or completely stop male reproductive system. Most of bugs have only few hours of lifespan.
I had very good success by playing Kanye West. Apparently, the 'auto-tune' frequencies disorient the bugs, making them walk in circles and hold their little feet up to their ears.
I'm not a doctor, but I look like one.  My Rx is to step up some ring radiators or some hf horns playing UHF sweeps.  Place a large bug zapper in front of the chosen drivers. Place fans near zappers to blow away fried bodies and to blow the stench say, next door.  All local 'free-range' pets will gather and fertilize your garden's soil as long as you can tolerate the howling and occasional fights...

My bill is in the mail.  Check back with me when you want to eliminate the pesky animals. ;)
I put my system in the basement, so pests (the wife, kids) rarely intrude on my Man Cave.  When they do, a gradual, but steady increase in level using the volume control on my remote will result in the pests who have invaded my space giving up on pestering me, and go back upstairs.  Like a sonic repellant for human pests.