Perspective on the DDDAC 1453 mkII

Over a year ago I switched over from my cdp to computer based audio using the Bolder modified SB3. I have never regretted that move. Since then I have been looking for an exceptional quality DAC to enhance my system.

My journey started with the Paradesia DAC. It was good but lacking resolution and drive. Quickly sold it.

Then I decided to splurge some serious $$ and got a good deal on the Mcintosh MDA-1000. This DAC has all the qualities and features any audiophile could ask for. I still have this DAC and enjoy every moment with it.

Being a DIYer and always experimenting, I decided to give the K&K Audio RAKK DAC mk-2 a shot. I purchased the entire extreme kit for Kevin and assembled it with out a hitch. This is also a serious DAC and competes with the best out there. The presentation is slightly forward, good details, smooth midrange but slightly lacking in bass impact and definition compared to the Mcintosh. I still have this DAC and it’s relegated to secondary duties in my workshop.

Next I tried the Oritek OMZ DAC. Sold it within a week. Not to my liking.

For the past year or so I have reading wonderful things about NOS DAC’s and how natural they sound almost like vinyl. They have some drawbacks in areas like details and bass definition but can be over come. I came across this website based in Germany and uses the TDA1453 chip. Each DAC module has 12 chips in parallel and you can connect 'n' modules in parallel. I ordered the kit with 2 modules ie. 24 chips in parallel. Assembling was difficult but managed to get it up and running. The final output cap is the Mundorf SIO. It has a very low output Z and great drive.
After proper break in (200+ hrs min), this DAC sounds absolute amazing. The sound is fatigue free and smooth. It has all the details and can extract every thing from the recording without sounding harsh. The bass has impact and with very good definition. Relatively speaking, this DAC sound as good as the Mcintosh and could compete with very best DAC’s out there, irrespective of price.
If you are an experienced DIYer and switched over to computer based music, have this DAC at the top of your list. Go to his website ( and read the technical details. It will amaze you and transform your audio system.
Interesting read. I've been looking at the DDDAC, as well as currently owning a Paradisea+ (non-USB).

A couple notes though. The Paradisea is also a NOS DAC. It uses the TDA1545, while Doede uses the TDA1543 in his DAC kits.