Personality Type?

I was musing lately after my last perusal of the forum postings....Got me wondering about personality types on here and if there is a common thread. I, myself, am an INTP and I seem to see some parallels with the members of this forum. I am an Engineer and a musician that plays drums. As an Engineer I was quite aware that although collaboration could be fruitful, I was aware that pursuing an idea alone was fruitful as well. I also think that because of my personality, I am fine with being more in the background playing the drums. So then, I am just a bit curious if the members of this forum are more alike than different than the general population?


You couldn’t keep your eyes off Keith Moon, regardless of where on stage he was. Clem Burke has obviously watched and listened to Keith a LOT. He is seen in the video of The Eurythmics "Would I Lie To You" (love it!), but not heard on the recording. Twenty years ago I was playing with John Wicks of The Records. I got the cheap gigs, Clem the one’s paying John enough for him to be able to afford the little rat bastard ;-) .

Let’s not forget Levon Helm, who sat to the right (stage left) of the rest of The Band. There is no conversation into which I cannot drag The Band ;-) .


OMG!  Kenjit surfaced!

"Thar he blows!  To the cannons!" *L*

Sorry I missed it, some things just 'come 'n go' too quick..;)

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Other hobby: Drummer (Sonor Delite: 3 up, 2 down)

Favorite Drummer: Steve Smith