personality as afctor in component selection

i believe there is strong correlation between personality factors and the stereo systems one configures.

i will consider just two.

the first would be stimulus seeking or stimulus aversion. those wwho are in the latter category probably would select components which provide aa vovid rendition of music--dynamic , resolved, accurate to perhaps, a touch bright nad one which provides plenty of involvement. those in the former category would probably opt for a more polite or colored sound, one which might be characterized as a bit dull and not overly dynamic.

now lets consider the need for achievement. as an audiophile each of us might wish to assemble components which satisfies our need to achieve. it can take several forms, such as very expensive, an emphasis on quality or one which impresses others.

there are other variables, but the point is one may not be aware of the influence of one's personality as it may exert its influence on an unconscious level.

the opportunity to consider that something other than the enjoyment of music may be driving one to puurchase components which leave one disappointed may be the opportunity to gain some insight into why we rotate components in and out of our stereo systems.

the reason may not be what we say it is, but rather, some aspect of our personality.
i agree. i think many make choices because they have a deep human need to control things in a world where most things are uncontrolable
Interesting proposition. I don't see why personality would not play a role in selection. Who would suggest that personality does not play a role in selection of an automobile, a career path, even a spouse? So why not selection of audio gear?

Oh dear! In the last 30 years, I have had 5 CD players. A Pioneer, 2 Denons, a Cambridge, and now a ModWright Sony. I've had 5 pre amps or passives, an Adcom, a McCormack, Endlers, and 2 Promitheus. 6 amps, a Kenwood, 2 Adcoms, 2 McCormacks, and 1 Cary. 3 speakers, one ADS and 2 Maggies. That is not much audiophilia nervosa to show for something that is so important to me. So Herr Doctor Professor Mr. Tennis, care to apply your Jungian theory to my history?
I think personality plays a major role in the selection of all manner of things, such as...uh...favorite football teams! Heyyyyy, just tweakin' ya Brownsfan. But seriously, what's wrong with us?
I forgot to mention that in 58 years I've only had one football team. Otto Graham is really hard to get over. There is just no hope for some of us.
9 years of jim brown didn,t help?
I have speakers that are 8 ft. tall, weigh 1200 lb., with 4 18 inch woofers driven by 15,000 watts of ........ blah,blah,blah.
Can you say "little man" syndrome?
if a person has a tiny t amp, ipod and some orb speakers does this indicate anything about his personality? ha
I remember having a record player as a kid. It had a cover that clipped on to it and the speaker was built into the unit. I would play records for hours on that thing and I never remember being disappointed with the music coming out that tiny little speaker.
Cyclonicman is a music lover, so am I. Once I discovered the high end, it was plain that it offered a better doorway into the music. I would be content with a number of "high end" systems, as long as I kept my speakers. The correlation between this, component selection, and personality is for you to decide.