Personal Turntable Evolution

They have this "evolution" thread for Amplifiers and for Speakers, I think it would be interesting to find out what Turntables everyone has owned in their audio journey.

For me, its:
1. Dual 1225
2. Bang & Olufsen RX w/MMC5 cartridge
3. Denon DP59L
4. Rega Planar 3 with Accutex MM cartridge
5. Kenwood KD-5070 w/Audio Technica cartridge
6. Harman Kardon T45 w/Ortofon OA-30 cartridge

I tend to keep TT's for a long time compared to amps and speakers and currently own both 5 & 6. I had my Rega for over 20 years and don't see ever going back to a fully manual turntable - just too lazy. Look forward to seeing your comments. Thanks
My experience goes over 40 years having "acquired my first table from my father. It was a Zenith "cobra" arm HiFi with two massive 15" speakers. I used it for about 2 years before it died and then went on to my modern list
1. BSR-- Belt driven and do not remember exact model
2. Dual 701--My first lusting over a component-- Lots of bucks for a college kid
3.Dual 721--My reference with Ortofon cartridge and Shure cartridges for almost 20 years
4. Denon 47p--A sweet replacement with ortofon cartridge
5. Michell Gyrodec--My first real manual table. started with Ortofon MM, but went on to Sumiko pearl, VDH frog, and ZYX airy3
6. Maplenoll Ariadne --The white one-- It was a beast and came busted so i rebuilt it and refurbished the platter to finally understand what a neat machine maplenoll built. I was hooked on them
7. Maplenoll Ariadne Signature--90lb platter and massive sound. I built a on the fly VTA and carbon fiber tonearm and thought it could not get better--Discovered the original ZXY Universe cartridge and Artisan--it was very nice
8. Maplenoll Apollo--Heavily modified by Lloyd Walker with an external motor and on the fly vta. I since have modified to my own carbon fiber tonearm and headshell to make tonearm lighter. Other tables may look prettier, but the sound from this beast has to be experienced. Moved up to UNIverse II aND rcm PHONO STAGE.

Only issue is keeping the platter lubed as it only weighs 80 lbs. I am refurbishing the two other maplenolls and will eventually sell them

this is a manual table and at 60 years yound, its a little trouble but when the stylus hits, wow
Dual model?, 1977
Denon 47F, 1982
SME Model 10 with V arm, 2003
SME Model 30/12 with V-12 arm, 2012

My system link has more information about the SMEs.
Pioneer PL-15D 1972-1987
Pro-Ject Debut II 6 weeks 2008
Technics SL-1700 2008-09
Technics SL-10 my Son is currently using it.
Technics SL-1300 2009-2011
Technics SL-1210MKII current w/Jelco 750 arm.
Denon DP-500m current.

I prefer Direct Drive TT's and removable Head shells for quick cartridge change out.
General Electric all-in-one portable hand-me-down, 1969 -1971
BSR 610 / Shure, 1971-1975
BIC 980 / Grace F8, 1975-1977
B&O pivot arm, 1977-1979
Sansui DD / ?, 1979
Revox / Empire, 1979-1980
Rega Planar 2 / Ortofon OM10 / Shure V15 III / Dynavector MR23, 1980-1984
Pioneer PL-15D II / Ortofon LM15 / 2M Red, 1988-present
Sota Sapphire / Magnepan Unitrac / Dynavector MR23 RS, 1984-2013
Sota Sapphire restored / Graham Phantom Supreme / Dynavector XX2 MKII - 2013-present

Belt drive, baby!
1. Original AR Shure cart
2. BSR(?) Shure cart
3. Modified original AR with Grace 707 Shure cart
4. Last version of the AR Shure cart
5. Home built with Linn Basik arm Audioquest HOMC cart
6. VPI HW-19 III Premeir FT-3 (Sumiko arm wrap) AQ HOMC AT OC9/ML
7. VPI TNT modified, Jelco 750D Lyra Clacis DC AT OC9/ML
8. VPI Aries Extended (original) JMW-12 AT OC9/ML AT OC9/II current
Lots of cool stuff now TW AC3 with all BN updates &TW 10.5 arm Transiguration cartridge.
Technics unknown model
bang and olufsen
linn ekos
sota sapphire
VPI aries
Nottingham spacedeck
VPI scoutmaster
Rega rp8
Rega rp10

Most were lateral moves searching for Nirvana with late 70's pressings. Rega produced the biggest upgrade.
RP8 upgrade to Nottinham Spacedeck? Wonder why and how.
Cz, Cut back on the Blunts. :)
Garrard SL95 w/ various Shure V15's
Connoisseur BD1 w/ JH Formula 4, ADC XLM
Technics SL-110 w/ SME 3009 series III, Shure V15-mkIII,IV
Sota Sapphire w/ Sumiko MMT, several Grado signatures, Reference and Sonata
Technics SL-1200 mkII w/ all the KAB upgrades and AT150ANV
keeping an eye out for an SP-10 mk3 or a Rockport Sirius3
Since about 1969:
Dual 1019
Transcriptors Reference w Vestigial tonearm (a real trip)
Thorens TD125
Sota Star Sapphire Series III
Nottingham Hyperspace
SP10 Mk2A
Lenco + Technics SP10 Mk3 + Kenwood L07D + Denon DP80 + Victor TT101
(These were acquired sequentially over 3-4 years, each one without selling the previous, except for selling the SP10 Mk2A, so I have a "collection".)
nah Isochron..., can't... it's just same thing as asking me to replace sex with mysterybation.:-)
My first table was some forgettable BSR belt drive table (1977)
My second table was a Kenwood KD1033 (1977 - ?, gave it to a relative)
Next- some Onkyo nonsense (1980 - ?, gave it to a friend, still in use!)
Next- Thorens TD166 MK 4 (1985-1990)
Next- Rega Planar 3 (1990-1998)
Next- Linn LP12 which I've owned since 1998
Curtis Mathis console
GE Suitcase All-In-One
Acoustic Research
VPI H-19
VPI Scout
VPI Scoutmaster
VPI Aries 3
Clearaudio Innovation Compact