Personal Tuner Evolution

As with the Personal Speaker & Personal Amp Evolution threads, how about a Personal Tuner/Receiver Evolution and what is your favorite(s). Here's mine for starters:

1. Harman Kardon 330C rec'r
2. Mitsubishi DA-R8 rec'r
3. McIntosh MR-71
4. Sansui TU-717
5. Pioneer TX-9800
6. Dyanco FM-3
7. Luxman T-110
8. Luxman T-400
9. McIntosh 1900 rec'r
10. Yamaha CT-810
11. Quad FM-4 (din outputs)
12. ADS T-2
13. NAD 4020A
14. Pioneer TX-500
15. B&K TS-108
16. Dyna FM-3
17. NEC T-710

FAVORITES: 3,4,5,6
Just added a Sony ST-313 analog tuner to my pair of NAD integrated amps (3225pe & 3020i) and Technics SL-1700mk2 vintage system. The Sony has a big beautiful analog dial with a flywheel weighted mechanism. It’s got a servo-lock feature and nice big analog meters for signal strength and tuning center point. Reception is good even with a lousy indoor antenna. It has a cool unique feature that allows you to place 10 moveable markers along the tuning scale (5 for FM, 5 for AM) that trigger the tuner to switch to the respective band that the marker is on when you dial in one of the 10 marked frequencies. It’s relatively huge, (as large as the two NAD integrated amps if stacked), but definitely period-correct to match the other gear. Now if I could have all that, and a nice remote control!
Cool looking tuner, looks to be made for the European market.  
NAD 4020A from new in 1981 and still using it.
These days the only tuner I have is a beautiful MR78, which was recapped in 2017. 

Wondering- if I want to fool around with a reasonably priced tube tuner with good sensitivity, what's a decent recommendation?  I've already been down the FM-3 road so I would be interested in trying something new to me- 

The MR 65 or 71 can be found for reasonable prices, with a little patience and effort.

I found my MR 71 in excellent shape here, for $700. Been used daily for a few years now.