Personal speaker evolution

OK, so here is a thread I haven't ever seen here: What speakers have you owned? starting with the earliest, price paid, new/used, and perhaps the models that really impressed you (for the price) in CAPS.

Rat Shack Something or others, $120, new
Fisher Something or others, $280, new
ADS L710's, $550, new
Snell A2i's, $1100, used
BEVERIDGE SYSTEM 3'S, $1000, used
Martin Logan CLS, $1400, used
MARTIN LOGAN SL3'S, $2300, used
DCM Timewindows; Mission 770's; Martin Logan Quest Z's; Martin Logan Prodigys; Dynaudio Evidence Temptations...
Boston Acoustics BA 70s
Boston Acoustics Subsat II
CSW Tower IIs
(I'm getting ready for a new two-channel setup. So, on deck possibly Revel, B&W, Paradigm)
Interaudio by Bose XL 4000
Bose 601 III series
ESB 706/II
Dynaudio Special One with Dynaudio Stands
Martin Logan Sequel II
Rogers LS3/5
Monitor Audio Monitor One
Clements RT7 Reference
Audio Physic Step SLE With SLE Stands
Avalon Monitor with Avalon Stands

At this time I use a pair of
Avalon Monitor with Avalon Stands and Clements RT7 Reference
From oldest to current: Radio Shack $60.00, Klipsch KG2 $300.00, Celestion SL6S $800.00, Quad ESL 63 $1200.00. I still have the Quads and nothing I have heard since has made me want anything different.
1975 - AR-3a
1985 - JSE Model 1
1998 - Coincident Conquest
2000 - B&W SCM-1
2003 - B&W Nautilus 804
2003 - Coincident Total Victory
2005 - Fab Audio Model 1
2007 - Quad ESL-57

After 30 years of upgrading I finally upgraded to a 50 year old speaker. It's the one I should have started with.