Personal Preamp Evolution - May 2012

I found an old thread on this topic from 2003 and would like to know what people are using now. My preamp evolution:

late 70's...Dyanco PAS-3
1984...Hafler 100
1986...Hafler 110
1989...Hafler 110 modded by Musical Concepts
1998...Creek OBH-12 Passive
2004 to present... Placette Audio Passive Linestage
Kenwood L07C
Sumo Electra
Integrated SS
Integrated SS
Integrated Tubed
PS Audio 6.2
Sumo Athena II
Coda CL
I use a Music First pure silver transformer based linestage. Beats all passive resistive linestages and all active preamps IME.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I can't even begin to put that list together. I've owned probably 20-35 preamps in my life. I couldn't put them in any particular time sequence. Sometimes I even owned 3-4 preamps at one time. Whew!!! My head hurts just thinking about it.
Bryston B60 (integrated)
Rogue Magnum 66
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A
Cary SLP50
Cary SLP98
Blue Circle BC21
Manley Shrimp
DeHavilland Ultraverve 3
Placette passive 3-input
Coincident Statement Phono (passive line input for CDP)
Coincident Statement Line Stage