Personal Opinions on Kef XQ series

Hi everybody, this is my first post but certainly will not be my last.
I am looking at getting a pair of XQ40's for my setup. They will be used for 2.1 music as well as in a setup for Home Theater. They will be matted up to a Arcam A38 integrated with a Pioneer BDP-09FD (when it comes out).
The problem is that I have no way of hearing the speakers before I buy them. I work for a retailer that deals with Kef but strictly with their HTIB's and the iQ series. I enjoy the sound of the iQ's including what I think is a smooth high and decent mid range and hope someone can give opinions on the XQ series.
I am welcome to hearing suggestions for changing the system above but please note that I am able to get all items for dealer cost (speakers for even less) and so due to pricing constraints I could not actually afford retail prices on the gear I have listed. But like I said I will take any suggestions or comments.

There's no comparison between iQ's and XQ's. I've owned the 1st generation XQ's with XQ Center. They have similiar technology to the newer Reference series. iQ's have too much reverberation in the cabinets which are cheaply made compared to the XQ's which are rock solid. Side by side, the XQ's blew away the iQ's when I demoed them. I ended up going retro and now use older Reference series, 105.3's and soon to be 200C center awaiting delivery. If you can get it at cost, jump at it, because you can always unload it without losing money. Good Luck