Personal experince with the UP-GRADE,CO.

They will take in any gear. And up-grade(I guess selected components.) Perform EMI & RFI shielding. Then return even they say a $20,000+ Pre-amp or Amp Cd with remarkable" you'll hear the difference right out of there return box."
They also say many Hi-End MFG use on the cheap Caps/Rest
wiring, etc,etc they have found on so many send in's.
"That I believe". I own (2) ARC 600 Mono Blocks. A close friend who works for INTEL here in Sacramento, Ca. Pointed
that almost of it's Caps were not anywhere near AUDIOPHILE grade in these $35,000 a pop amps.

Please first HAND ONLY remarks.
TUBES 444..
I have had their upgrade Oppo 95, Onyko 5508 upgrade purchased direct from the Upgrade Co. I also had them do a up grade on my older Aragon 8008 amp (original Mondial design) I did not hear any effect on the upgrade amp. The Oppo 95 and Onyko 5508, both where nice and sounded good. But their claim that the up grade would beat any equipment costing five times the amount just was not true. I jumped into Esoteric gear that just crushed the Oppo with up grade. Never compared the upgrade Oppo to a stock Oppo. But the Upgrade Co seems to get good reviews
enjoy Pete on their web sight.
Thanks 68pete

Just the kind of feed-back I was hopping 4.
There's so many companies blowing loud horns
for our money. Some are right in tune.