Personal CD player evolution

To take a cue from the previous threads 'amp' & 'speaker' personal evolution, I bid you this question...

for me it was a Hitachi small black box circa 1983, bought from a Luskin's discount electronics store (I think I paid around $250), then...

-Yamaha COX-700U (1985 or so, still in use by my father)
-Carver ? model to match a Carver amp I had at the time
-Rega original Planet
-Cary 303/100
-Cary 306/200
1. The very first consumer SONY CD in 1982 ($500)

2. Luxman CD112 ($850)

3. Rega Planet ($895)

4. Rega Planet as transport with Perp Tech P1A/3A & PS (add $900 to #3, pretty nice addition & well worth it)

5. Naim CDX2 ($5350)

6. Naim CDX2 with XPS II ( add $4950 to #5 and yes, its very a completly different player then #5)

7. I cannot see moving on from the current rig for a long time, as a reviewer for positive-feedback I have heard a lot...but I just dig the Naim CDPs espcially with the XPSII.

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Single disc Sony--->Onkyo Integra 6 disc changer--->Onkyo Integra DPC 8.5 universal player 6 disc changer*, then added the Dodson 217 Mark II D DAC.
*Still debating whether to send the DPC 8.5 to John Hillig for transport and player mod package, to see if he feels the unit is compatible with his modification package--I think he said that he hasn't done a DPC 8.5 before.
Pehare, was that Luskin's in Miami?!!! If so, I just had a major flashback...great memories!
1. JVC circa 1985
2. Adcom GCD 500 I believe? It was Adcom's first cd player.
3. Nakamichi MB5 - The music bank was a great idea but not reliable.
4. Pioneer Elite CLD 79 - I know, I know, this was a laser disc player but it had a separate cd tray that worked quite well at the time.
5. Jolida JD100 - I've had this for a few years now and am quite happy with it. I'm just waiting for the upgrade bug to bite again!
These treads bring back nice memories...:). Thanks!
1. Technics, first model of Cd player, 1985, $900.00
NB. As I've arrived in Toronto with around $1000 in my pocket, I've spend all of them in second hand audio gear,
"to fill the empty apartment with something nice...MUSIC!".
2. Tandberg, TCP-3015 A, $1900.00, very good at the time.
3. Phillips LHH 1000, 2 piece, made in Japan (!), $4000.00
Best manufacturing quality that I've met in audio so far, except for the Gryphon, Accuphase, Burmester...
4. Conrad Johnson, DAC with DR2 transport, great $7000.00
I'm sure that after many years, this still is a contender.
5. Audio Aero Capitole, MKI, superb sound, dubious quality construction...but it never breaks down...:) and is one of the most analogue sounding out there, if not...the most.
In the price range...seems that no improvement is possible still!
Can't remember the dates, but here goes:

-Nad--cd players were just out this year--had to have one-

-Pioneer Elite-don't remember the number, but it was the first of their Elite line-

-Micro Mega Stage 2-

-Audio Aero Prima MkII-

-Eexemplar Denon 3910-
Sony 5 disc ? model 1983
Sony 5 disc ? model 1994 works but don't ever use.
Music Hall CD mmf 25 use as back up 3rd system
Jolida JD 100 for WAF system rolled Mullard outputs
Audio Aero Prima- Transport died used CV2493 and Siemans 6922 tubes mainly Sometimes Amperex Holland.
Present Main Rig Granite Audio 657 non tubed

Sorry Warren H I would have bought an Exemplar, honestly ran out cash!
1. Unmemorable mass-market junk
2. Rega Planet (original)
3. Timbre TT-1 Dac with Rega as transport
4. Meta Research Laser 1 Transport with Timbre Dac
5. Copland CDA289
6. Krell KPS-30i
7. Cary 303-200
8. Tube Technology Fusion CD64 (still current)

Phwew!! I didn't realize there were so many until that exercise. Thanks for the memories!
Yonojo, no s**t! I just got my Elite CLD 97 back from the repair shop. I have a large collection of LD's, including some rare music LD's. I'm using an outboard DAC, and listen with a pretty good headphone rig.

Years ago, I had a nice home theater set-up using the Elite SP-99D processor for AC-3 [Dolby Digital], as most LD's incorporated this, right towards the end of this format. Quite a few friends were more than impressed [so were my condo neighbors!] before the arrival of DVD with most folks getting a sub-par home theater. Had to break up the home theater when I moved.
Tvad, is your Exemplar Denon 3910 replacing your APL? I know you are a huge fan of APL. Could you share some of your listening impressions comparing the two? thanks in advance. warren :)

Sorry for digressing a bit, Prehare, with your thread, because Tvad has asked me to never email him on the side. I must keep all in the open forum. thanks...:)
Pioneer, 1985
Kenwood, 1989
Technics, 1999
NAD c541i, 2003
NAD Master Series M55 universal. If it stays reliable it'll be here for a loooong time.

1. Denon circa 1984
2. Pioneer DV 525, then modified
3. Cary 306/200
4. Burmester 001
5. Squeezebox2 -> Reimyo DAP777 (Ver.2)

Now, the latest combination has been modified, including but not limited to, so that they are synched to one precise master clock. I don't think I will even think of upgrading the digital front end for a very very many years to come.
Cool Thread...

NEC Single Disc Player 1st Generation (Model???)1988

Adcom GCD-575

Denon DCM-420 Changer

Pioneer Elite PD-65

Added a Theta Pro-Basic II DAC to the PD-65 via D-60

MicroMega Stage 6

Sony XA7ES

Sony XA-777ES

Purchased an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC with both a Transport and Apple Airport Running into the DAC..

Just got back into the hobby 5 years ago and bought a Meridian 504-20. Right now I am eagerly awaiting the delivery (late June) of an APL 3910.
--> Kenwood(don't even remember the model)
--> Sony prtble cd driving the amp via line-level output
--> Marantz cc-67 5-disc cd changer
--> Music Hall CD-25 modded by Sound Odyssey
--> Bel Canto DAC2 with Sony S7700 as a transport
--> Audio Research CD3 MkII
Tvad, if I had only known that you traded in your APL 3910 for the Exemplar 3910 it might have sped up my choice, as well, on the Exemplar. After all, you were so happy with your APL. Maybe it was the other way around? You made the switch after I purchased my Exemplar? I would love to know your impressions. Do you know what is going on with Alex now? I believe major (exciting) changes are under way. thanks in advance....warren :)
I guess in reality I have only had one real CDP, but these other things were used to play CDs so I guess they count.
some JVC 5 Disc - still in attic I think
Toshiba DVD player - traded for food sealer
Denon 2900 - still used for DVD and SACD
Musical Fidelity A5
Dates are estimated:
1986 Sony single disk player (yuck)
1989 Adcom GCD-575
1996 Added Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0 DAC, DTI-Pro (wow)
2000 Replaced Adcom with MicroMega T-Drive 2 transport
2002 Replaced MicroMega with AA DDS-Pro transport (wow)
2004 BAT VK-D5se (wow)
Maineiac, looking at your pictures....I think a nice vintage over/under would look great hanging on the wall between the tv and the bird....
Cool thread.. Really makes you think back..

1988 NEC Single Player..(Got me through College)
1990 Denon DCD-670
1991 Denon DCM-420 5 Disc Player
1992 Adcom GCD-575
1994 Pinoneer Elite PD-65
1998 Added a Theta DS Pro-Basic II DAC with D-60 Cable to the PD-65 and used it as a Transport.
2000 MicroMega Stage 6
2002 Sony XA-7ES
2004 Sony SCD-222ES Changer
2004 Cary CD-308
2005 Sony XA-777ES
2006 Electrocompaniet DAC-1 and Theta Miles Transport connected via D-60 Cable..
Pioneer PD-5100 (1987). Still own it
Cambridge D500SE (2001). 3 of them, all defective
Music Hall MMF25 (2002). Great, underrated player
Sony SCD-C333ES (2002). SACD changer. Still own it
Granite 657 (2004). Still own it
Samsung HD841 (2005). Universal. Still own it
Magnavox FD1000 (1983)
Magnavox 460 (1987)
Sumo Theorem and Axiom (1993)
Denon DCD-1650AR (1999)
Benchmark DAC1 w/Sonic Frontiers CDT-1 (2005/2006)
1986 JVC 6 disc changer
1989 Denon
1989 Adcom
2002 I think Denon 2800
2003 Theta Data Basic II Transport and Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC. My last stop
1997 - Arcam Alpha 6 (still have it)
1997 - Proceed PCD1 (MRC300)
1998 - Marantz CD 94 + Wadia 12
1999 - McCormack Signature
2000 - Sold everything (gone to college)
2004 - Micromega Premium DVD2 (still have it)
2006 - Computer (U24 USB/SPDIF converter) + Stax Dac Talent (wow)
Back in the late 80's I had a Denon, sometime around 2000 I picked up a Meridian 506 20. I am now awaiting delivery on an APL 3910.
My first was a Magnavox CDP, no remote, "3-beam" pickup, bought new in 1987 from PC Richards. It is still in service(!) in my den. That was followed by a cast-away from my brother, a basic Teac unit, with remote. Actually, it was solidly built and listenable, but vieled. It is now in use in my computer-room system. Currently, I use a Rotel RCD-02, purchased new in 2002. Significantly better than the Teac, but probably my current weakest link. Upgrade planned for later this year.
techniques slp300
rotel rcd 951
pioneer pd65 (wound up using a channel islands dac)
modified philips sacd 1000
apl hi-fi/denon 2900
1988 some basic Phillips CDP
1994 Harman Kardon HK7525
1998 Rega Planet Original (still have this one)
2004 Linn Classik
2004 Linn Genki
2004 Unison Unico CDP
2005 went back to Planet after being disappoinment by the Genki and Unico
2005 Audio Aero Prima MK II

Well, only half as interesting as the Turntable history. Check that one out as well!

A late developer dragged into the digital age in the late 90's: Ariston player 1997
Copland 266(still used by my son) 2000
Shanling CDT100 2003, heavily modded in 2004
Adcom GCD75(?): Class "D".
Pioneer PD-75: Class "B" transport/Class "C" player.
P.S.Audio Lambda: Class "B".
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1: Class "A".
CEC TL-1X: Class "A".
Oracle CD2000: Never reviewed AFAIK.
Adcom GCD-575(?): Class "D".
Pioneer PD-75: Class "B" transport/Class "C" player.
P.S. Audio Lambda: Class "B".
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1: Class "A".
CEC TL-1X: Class "A".
Oracle CD2000: Never reviewed AFAIK.
Sony ccx 225
Rega Planet
Rega Planet 2000
Sony 555es 5 disk SA player
Jolida A100
Cairn Fog 24/192
Arcam FMJ CD33
Audio Aero Prima mk ii
Evolution as follows:
Sony ??? model ($250 new in the mid 1990's, and sounded every bit as bad as that description would lead you to believe);
Arcam CD82;
Linn Genki;
Linn Ikemi;
Linn Unidisk 2.1
My very first CD player was a beautiful walnut sided piece by Kyocera circa 1985.
Then went to CAL Delta transport with Alpha DAC, followed by CAL Tempest II. Tried one of the first DAC's by Theta around that time as well.
Moved onto Meridian--500 transport, 563 DAC, 518 processor.
Moved back to one piece operation with Marantz SA-1. Excellent! But then went into a frenzy of auditioning and changing players e.g. Electrocompaniet EMC-1 (still regret selling), Resolution Audio CD-55, Arcam FMJ CD33, Ayre CX7e, Linn Unidisk 2.1.
Also tried a number of other players in a second system: early Rotel and Denon (mid-late 80's), Adcom GCD 750, CAL Icon Mk II, Jolida JD-100, Music Hall Maverick, Musical Fidelity X-Ray v.3, Quad 99 CDP-1, NAD Master Series 05 CD/SACD player, and Linn Majik (incoming).
What I think I'll end up with is the Ayre in my main system, which is balanced, and the Linn Majik in my second system. NAD SACD player will move between the two!
Current digital is a Bryston BCD-1 and an Olive Opus 5

Sony ES
Rotel RDP/RDD DAC/Transport
EAD DSP1000 w/ Rotel RDD Transport
Classse CDP-1
Wadia 850
Wadia 860X
Esoteric DV-50
Meridian G08
Bryston BCD-1
Olive Opus 5
how do you like the Bryston BCD-1?
I am trying to find a dealer for a demo.
1) Meridian MCD (the original Phillips modification)
2) Rotel 1072
3) Linn Genki
4) EAR Acute
Jafant- I will have to get back with you on the BCD-1. It is in transit. Ordered it last week.
An update:

1988 some basic Phillips CDP
1994 Harman Kardon HK7525
1998 Rega Planet Original
2004 Linn Classik
2004 Linn Genki
2004 Unison Unico CDP
2005 went back to Planet after being disappoinment by the Genki and Unico
2005 Audio Aero Prima MK II (the very best of the above)

The Audio Aero was my last CDP - switched to computer audio ...

2006 Wavelength Brick USB DAC+ Mac Mini
2007 Benchmark DAC1USB + Mac Mini
1) a Denon - can't remember the model #
2) ARC CD-1
3) Wadia 830 with GNSC Ref mods (loved this one but let it go because wanted a transport with digital outs to feed my Tact 2.0s preamp)
4) Cambridge Audio 840c
5) Oracle CD-1000 transport

I fully intended to make the 840c my "last" CDP but the Oracle won my heart over the holidays. It sounds amazing and looks even better. I also started using a Squeezebox about a year ago and highly suspect my upgraditis will continue along that technology path as it evolves.

Magnavox(?) (implementation of well rated phillips) 1987

NEC 1990 (expensive and well built but sounded brittle)

Optimus 3400 1994

External DAC and tube smoother thing to Optimus 1996.

Sony XA20ES 1998
1) Sony boombox with a CD player (1989)
2) Sony Discman (1993) (this led to a solid move from cassette to CD's)
3) JVC CD player (part of my first "component" system with JVC receiver and PSB Alpha's) (1994)

...then comes University graduation, followed by full-time work and pay, which led to the next stream...

4) Marantz CC-3000 5-disc changer (2000)
5) Bel Canto DAC1 added (2002) (still using Marantz changer)
6) Meridian 506.24 (2004)
7) Ayre CX-7e (2008)

...and that should be it for quite a while now...I don't change components very often relative to most on these boards, but when I do, it's generally for clear improvements. The smallest improvement was Marantz/Bel Canto to Meridian - that was more of a sideways step compared to the rest, which were all easily audible changes. But the Bel Canto to Meridian change was caused by necessity - had to move overseas and didn't wanna bring the stereo equipment with me due to transport issues.
Denon dcd-500
Adcom gcd-600
NAD 522
Arcam 8SE
Philips 963SA
Philips SACD-1000
Sony SCD-333ES(stock then modded)
Sony SCD-9000ES
Marantz SA-11s2