Personal amp evolution

Seeing the over night success of the speaker evolution thread, it may be interesting to see what type of amp(s) we have all run. Same deal as the other thread-we will sort of create a puzzle of our systems you'll have to visit multiple threads to put everything together!!! ;)
For me I started:
Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks
Rotel RB-990bx
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5
Balanced Audio Technology(BAT) VK-60

either a CAT JL2, BAT VK-75se or Tenor 75Wp on the horizon.
No evolution here. I started with a pioneer receiver- tried a yamaha receiver, and ended up with denon integrated. I like the Denon best, though I am not at all sure this has much to do with any kind of upgrade. More it seems the Denon is easier to deal with. the improvements have really come along- at least to my ears, as I have found compatible components to form a system with. At this point I have come to question whether the pioneer might not have made a better impression on me had I given some thought about how it worked and what might have worked well with it. Perhaps I had it all right in thinking it was hopeless- and certainly my negligence assured it would be), but now I can think of ways I might have emphasized or played down different aspects of it very characterful sound. Sort of a wasted opportunity, I suppose, but I am nonetheless pleased with the direction the Denon took me and I havent any dire complaints.
Denon POA-2800 + Denon PRA-1500
Denon POA-2800 + home-made passive preamplifier
Pathos Acoustics Classic One (integrated hybrid 50W)
Pass Aleph 0s + NAD S100
Pass Aleph 3 + Pass Aleph P
Pass Aleph 0s + Pass Aleph 3 + Pass Aleph P
(Aleph 0s on woofers, Aleph 3 on treble)

My quest is over. This last bi-amplification solution combines transparent and hollographic sound with dynamic and controled bass. All my atention is now focused on the recordings (hearing and buying).
Harman Kardon A-300 integrated, ca. 1962
Pioneer 6500 approx 1976
NAD 3125 integrated 1985
NAD 2700 and preamp (power amp died) 1996
NAD 3125 resurrected 2003
Looking for replacement
This may be your answer

My evolution is short. Already stated here, I am commenting this last time, because the evolution has come to an end.

Fisher rack system
Jolida 1000
Pass X-150
Pass X-600

And now, the serious stuff:

ICE powered eAR2 MK11

and the last... ever:

ICE powered H2O Signature monos
Telefunken solid-state receiver
Bryston 2B
SimAudio PW-5000 integrated
SimAudio I-5 integrated
C-J Sonographe SA-250
C-J MV55