Perseus Preamp

I am looking at 2 tube preamps to match with my B&K 200.2 and my Klipsch RF-7s. The Rogue Perseus and the Juicy Music Peach II. I have read great reviews on both but the Rogue allows me to keep the unit off when in HT bypass mode. Anyone heard both units? I listen to mainly singer songwriter type music. (Damien Rice, David Gray etc.)
yes..the rogue
So you have heard the Perseus. Your thoughts? How does it compare to Modwright or Juicy Music? this order for neutral(balanced) sound..modwright, rogue, juicy
I demoed the Rogue Perseus. I have a B and K 2220 and a VPI scout as my source with Sonus Faber Concertos. I felt the Persues was only slighly better then my existing preamp which was a B and K PT3 series II even going from solid state to tube. I ended up going with a Granite Audio 770FP..this was a major upgrade...I listen to mostly jazz and blues..I was blown away. If you are going to pay retail for the Perseus (around 1800) and can spend a few more hundred I highly recommend the granite audio product.