Perreaux TC unit - Help Needed

Came across an interesting Perreaux unit called the TC 2 Dual Channel Tone Control Unit. Need help in connecting this unit. It has two sets of RCAs on the back labeled in and out and power cord. Check the Perreaux site not help there only picture of the unit.
Ok memmbers and Perreaux collectors help me out here, where do I connect the ins and outs on the back.
Hi Ned, hope things are well on your end. While i've only seen pictures of these units, my guess is that you would either feed the input of the Perreaux from the output of a tape loop and then have the output of the Perreaux feed the input of the tape loop OR the line level output signal of the preamp would feed the input of the Perreaux while the output of the Perreaux would feed the power amp. I am strictly guessing here and probably haven't helped you any more than you could have guessed, but it might be reassuring to know that your guesses were as good as anyone else's : ) Sean
I think it's the same thing as connecting up those graphic equalizers. Preamp/receiver/IA *Tape Out* to the unit input; unit output to the *Tape In*. Then turn on the tape loop to activate the unit. I, too, am guessing and in no way can tell for sure what will happen when the unit is fired up.
Got one of those dude's myself. Its designed to go inline between the amp and preamp. It has a defeat switch on the front (which is engaged in the up position). It will also allow a signal to pass when it is truned off. In this position you can use the tone contols and the head phone outlet. Unless you have really maxed out the amp preamp combo it won't hurt your resolution much in the inline position. You can't listen to the headphone when its in the tape loop unless you have a volume control on your source. However, i don't listen to headphones and I put mine in the tape loop where I can just switch it on when I need it to correct some disc's which really need a lot of help for them to sound listenable. This unit also has a low and high frequency filter. The former will help you if you have a turntable arm/cartridge that is mildly mismatched and causes excessive woofer excursions (pumping). Enjoy...
To Sean and the other respondents of this thread. Many thanks for your help. Tried this unit both ways and works the best inserted between amp and preamp. Jury is still out on this unit. After about 30 days or so will give it a thumbs up or down. Did remove the top cover. It is impressively built with the tone controls directly connected to a mil spec circuit board. Parts used are exemplary with a very good build quality.
if you decide against the unit, i would be interested in purchasing. thanks, -s.