Perreaux SM2 Pre and 2150B Power amp Gain is out of control

Hi, Very new to Audiogon and looking for help.  I picked up a Perreaux SM2 Pre and 2150B Power amp and the gain is out of control.  Normal listening level on pre volume is 1-1.5 or 7:00 o'clock and 3 is way too loud on both 88 db speakers and even louder on 96 db speakers.  I am using a laptop set to 10 in the OS and and 10 in the software,  into project prebox 2 DAC set to to into the SM2 Pre, them AMP and finally ZU speakers (and sometimes NHT)  It's also very loud using a vintage Technics 1650 Turntable.  What to do?  I love the sound but can't listen well at low levels and I do this often.  Thank YOU!!!  John

Sorry the Pro Ject is also set to Max Volume 10 as recommended to maintain Bits of digital music.