Perreaux P250 Problem

I have a broke down Perreaux P250 ,1 channel out.Could someone help me on were I might be able to get this fixxed.Preferably on the West coast .
Perreaux want's me to send it to them in Newzealand but as it won't be covered by warranty would prefer to have it fixxed closer to home .
The only place I know is DW Labs in New York. We had one repaired there a few years back. You may check with Audio Advisor since they are the Perreaux reps in the US.
Write, Mike Zuccaro and he is considered one of the absolute best in the U.S. and he is in CA. If not him, write Mark Wilson,, of Absolute Sound in Burnsville MN. Mark has done work for me and is also considered one of the best in the U.S. Good Luck
Probably good advice from both Rw and Mr Via. If DW Labs is the place that i think it is, they used to be the sole warranty facility for Perreaux back in the early days. I know that they were up somewhere in NY. Contacting Audio Advisor might be a good idea too.

As to John's recommendations, he's been fooling around with this stuff long enough to know who's who. If he says that you can trust Mr Zuccaro, who is close to home for you, that would probably be my first shot. Shipping big brute amps like this over a long distance is both expensive and risky to say the least.

Out of curiousity, how did you end up popping a channel ? I have literally pounded on my Perreaux's for hours on end and never had any problems. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing. I know that there are others with Perreaux amps that may end up in similar situations. Sean
Sean you make me blush. But hey, I am with Sean as to wanting to know what happened to the amp. I have owned, sold and recommended their products with incredible results.I still own a sa 2 pre amp that I swear by. These are sold well constructed products.
Sean you make me blush. But hey, I am with Sean as to wanting to know what happened to the amp. I have owned, sold and recommended their products with incredible results.I still own a sa 2 pre amp that I swear by. These are solid, well constructed, products.
Are there internal fuses?? Would be a shame to pay a tech $80 to replace a 50 cent fuse.
If the P250 is anything like earlier Perreaux designs, the only fuses are located on the back panel. While i don't know if Peter Perreaux actually designed this unit or not, i know that he is not a "fan" of fuses or any type of protection circuitry due to the sonic degradation that takes place when such devices are used. As such, you might have a fuse for the mains and fuses for the rails on each channel. After that, you are relying on sheer "overdesign" to keep things from popping. A mishap such as shorting the speaker cables even momentarily can be quite costly though. Sean
Thank You For Your Help!
I have know idea why the one channel went .It still play's but with distortion , then bleads into the other channel after awhile .
Had it hooked up direct to a Cal. Audio Labs CD player with volume control built into the player . Maybe that caused the problem?
Had the amp into 2 service depot's both said it was a mosfet problem and had to wait for part's .Waited for 6 month's then picked up the amp then took it into a second service depot waited another 6 months it's home now just in storage .
Got the Amp fixxed buy your recomendation Jvia.Here is the E-Mail regarding the problem from Mike Zuccaro .
Got the Perreaux amp fixed. Spent a lot of time on this, found a
manufacturing problem- one of the driver xisitors was arcing to the heat sink
due to a tiny burr on the transistor. Very lucky it did not do a lot of
damage. I did not get a schematic.

I spend about 6 hours on this, (approx. $200 labor) + I got a bill for $35
from your shipper for customs duty. I'm going to research the shipping cost
today. Figure around $300 US total..
Mike Z.
the official repair & warranty facility in US in indeed DW Labs. Dan just did repair work for me & he is reasonable.
Mr. Dan Wergen
DW Labs
203 Eggert Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14215
yeah that's the one alright... it was a very simple problem.
Would you believe I fixed it myself, but I didn't know that it was actually fixed due to a really dumb mistake that I made upon reassembly. It was only a 2 dollar part; I'll only confess the rest of the story offline & if I ever see it here - well I know where to find you :)
i live in los angeles. try calling george myers tv in west los angeles 310 820-1113 and also solutions in los angeles 323 666-4161
Just spewed soda all over my screen! LOL. Don’t feel bad Mr motor I’ve not noticed the thread dates before as well. To err is human, to err in public is funnier than hell!
I just bought a used one with small buzz in left channel. I didn't know it was that old. It sounds great and well worth the dirt cheap price for this much power .    I will have to try the post from a year ago........