Perreaux or Bryston?

I have a pair of Cello Legends. Fairly efficient, neutral speakers. I can get a good deal on a Perreaux 200P power amp, 200 WPC, in excellent condition. Also looking at a Bryston 3BST. Which one would match better? Thanks in advance.
Torsten -
Don't waste your time wiht the Perreaux, though quite nice, the Bryston is better. You may think the Legends are efficient, but they truly are not. The will take ALOT of power, much more than you are giving them credit for.
I would not get an amp that is just 125, even Bryston power. If using Bryston, stick with the 250 varietal, and get yourself a 4B. Here is a great deal, not much more than a 3B:

Yeah go for more power...muhaha! The 4B is the ticket if you are thinking of Bryston.
Bryston. I've owned both brands. Performance, reliability, warranty, cutomer service, re-sale value...all favor Bryston.
I think Bryston is the best value in amps. Great product, great resale value, great csutomer service, you just can't go wrong with them.
Even though I responding to a forum over 11 years old I have to super disagree about the Bryston 4B.  I once owned a 4B for a few months and recently purchased a Perreaux Prisma 350 stereo power amp and the Perreaux smoked the Bryston in overall sound quality and overall build quality. Look inside a Perreaux and then look in a 4B and if you can't see how much better the Perreaux is well then get a Technician to help you. This recent purchase of the Perreaux is one of the best purchase I have ever made in the past twenty years. I seriously doubt I'll ever sell this amp. I almost never buy power amps new, but this time I wanted a new one, and the only one to buy new that made the most sense was the Perreaux and it was worth every penny. I am a Perreaux fan for life and I think all you audiophiles should look into this amp.
Another +vote for Bryston.

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Well,  I knew that one was coming. I wondering if that person actually compared a Prisma 350 against a 4B for over six hours using three different speakers and three different preamps, with four people in the room during the testing. All voted for the Prisma.  I wonder.
  Just another thing here, I have been auditioning the latest Bryston amps only because it was convenient for me as I was right there and their new amps all sound very bright to me. I even by myself had to lower the volume control in one listen as it was just too much for me, and man, did you notice their asking prices on some of their stuff, OMG, LOL

where can one get a demo of Perreaux gear?
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This is the best info I can give you.  I would recommend you contact

Service Agent Jeffrey Jackson

Halpin Music Company, Inc.
2375 Homer M Adams Pkwy
Alton, IL 62002
Phone: 618-462-0666

if you have an interest in auditioning any Perreaux components, and happy listening to you as well. Best of luck in all you do and take care.

tough call, but go with the Bryston.

 reliability is better with Bryston. newer as well.

 enjoy !
Much Thanks! exron
Yeah, but a bright sound??? I rather go with an amp with a little less reliability that sounds more natural than own a amp that will not break for twenty years but sounds bright. I mean just how long can a music lover, audiophile can listen to an amp with brightness and glare? One can always get a amp fixed if it ever has a problem but one can never change the design of a solid state amp. Just for me anyway as I looked at the inside of the Bryston vs, the Perreaux 350 I was able to tell instantly that the Perreaux was the more impressive looking inside wise even though it doesn't tell you how it's going to sound. I actually got one response from someone telling me that I got a very good reliable amp. Just because Bryston gives you a 20 warranty that doesn't mean one of their amps will not break before 20 years is up. One of the reasons Bryston can offer 20 years is because their amps are Class AB and run less than warm, and an amp that runs cool will almost always have a higher reliability than a amp which runs Class A into the first 10 to 100 watts before switching into Class AB. But we all know that a Class A amp usually will sound better than a plain class AB amp. I have two Adcom GFA-555 power amps from 1985 that are still working perfect, never broke down, and were never turned in for repair since I owned them and they are Adcom's and retailed for $599.00 back in the day. Why are they still working? because their Class AB and I took care of them, so that 20 year warranty that Bryston has does not impress me at all, as I go for amps with high quality sound built into their design. All I want to say to you is that I wish you the best of luck with your decision and hope what ever you pick last forever. I also respect you if you believe the Bryston sounds the best to you.  Take care.