Perreaux or Bryston?

I have a pair of Cello Legends. Fairly efficient, neutral speakers. I can get a good deal on a Perreaux 200P power amp, 200 WPC, in excellent condition. Also looking at a Bryston 3BST. Which one would match better? Thanks in advance.
Torsten -
Don't waste your time wiht the Perreaux, though quite nice, the Bryston is better. You may think the Legends are efficient, but they truly are not. The will take ALOT of power, much more than you are giving them credit for.
I would not get an amp that is just 125, even Bryston power. If using Bryston, stick with the 250 varietal, and get yourself a 4B. Here is a great deal, not much more than a 3B:

Yeah go for more power...muhaha! The 4B is the ticket if you are thinking of Bryston.
Bryston. I've owned both brands. Performance, reliability, warranty, cutomer service, re-sale value...all favor Bryston.
I think Bryston is the best value in amps. Great product, great resale value, great csutomer service, you just can't go wrong with them.