Perreaux of New Zealand Components

I have a power amp and some other Perreaux components and know nothing about them.. They were my fathers.  Power Amplifier model is PMF 2150B.  Pre Amp model is SM2, Tuner model is TU3 and Dual Channel Tone Control Unit is TC2.  Can someone please shed some light on the brand and value is possible.


I owned the units you mentioned except for the SM 2. I had the SM3. I owned them for about 5 years. The tuner was/is a very good unit. Slightly warm in tone but with only moderate sensitivity. The tone control was useful when needed. The pre-amp was a weak link - I found it grainy and cold in tone. The amp was good but not great it too was a bit cool and grainy. All units except for the amp required service more than I expect(ed). Even the amp had a poor power switch. You are unlikely to retire on the sale of these units. The amp would be worth the most I think. Maybe 500 to 700. The Tuner 200. The TC 200. The SM2 maybe 200 to 300. They do look nice though. FWIW I also had the matching patch bay- it is the only item which had no failures. Sorry I couldn't give you move favorable views.

@newbee : I have a 2150B. It is not "grainy and cold"! In fact it can go 15 rounds sound wise against a similar era Krell or Levinson. The 2150B can be found on eBay for around $900. Plenty of power - 340/680/920 @8/4/2 ohms!

Perhaps the 2150B just suffered in  comparison to my Threshold SA3 and ARC 115 MKII. The Thiels I was driving were probably a factor as well. You've probably made a better match than I did.