Perreaux 200iP 200 wpc Vs Odyssey Stratos


My current setup is

Jolida CD-100, Odyseey tempest pre, Odyseey stratos (cap upgrade) 150 W/CH power amp and Usher 6381 speakers , room size 25 X 22 X 10 and Zu wax as speaker cables. Listens to all kinds of music.

For a long time I am thinking of replacing Pre/pro with Intg amp and was wondering whether anyone has compared PERREAUX 200iP or Plinius with odyssey gear previously, whether it will be an good upgrade ?


What are you trying to gain?
I believe that bass is not good enough and not sure but it seems that the current AMP is unable to drive Usher's as it should .. otherwise midrange and treble is good with Odyssey .. another point is Pre/Power is taking too much space and then would like have a good Int Amp.


I have used the Perreaux 200iP and currently use the Perreaux Radiance R200i, and I can tell you, in terms of Power delivery they will give you all you need and then some. I've never had your speakers but from what I've read, with a sensitivity of 87dB and an 8 ohm impedance they are not exactly a brutal load on amplifiers.

The Perreaux 200iP will give you great control on the bass and very nice, clean, clear mids and highs, with very good soundstaging and imaging. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality integrated. One issue though is one of your reasons for changing to an integrated is space. The Perreaux 200iP is quite big. Not tall or wide, but LONG...about 18-19 inches long.

Again if you're looking for bass power and control, this amp will be hard to beat. The bass on Perreaux amps better than I've heard on any sanely priced piece of gear. Better than the Krell integrateds that I've tried for sure. Very, deep, strong, controlled and most of all natural.

Plus this things are built like battleships if that is important to you.
I think you should try BAT VK-300X.
I had a Stratos w/cap upgrade (also currently run Tempest/JD-100 in conjunction w/modified Polk SDA-1Cs), and recently upgraded to a pair of Odyssey Extreme Monos. IMHO - the Extremes had plenty of power to run your Ushers.

The reason I upgraded to the Extremes is that w/the Polks I was getting some midrange congestion on hard rock, as well as the tweeter protection devices were coming into play at louder listening levels. Since the upgrade to Extreme Monos, I have absolutely no issues. The Extreme Monos are not fully burned in yet, but the difference in their power/finesse/detail, when compared to the Stratos w/cap upgrade, is significant - in my system with my components.
A point of clarification in my post of 7/7/05. I contacted Polk, who stated that due to the age of my speakers, the tweeter protection devices probably need replacing. Polk's sent a pair for me to install. Thus, there was NOT an issue with the Stratos and the tweeter protection devices, and I do not want anyone to come away from this thread thinking that I do not feel the Stratos is a great amp - the Stratos is a superb amplifier. My system can make use of the additional benefits of the Extreme Mono amps, which I am now doing. Happy listening!