Perpetual Techs P1A DESIGN FLOOR!

MAJOR DESIGN FLOOR IN THE SOFTWARE! DISTORTION! The unit distorts on transients. The company is aware of this and if you call they will ask you to return it, AT YOUR COST, for fixing.Talk to John their tech, ext 305. A floored product, that was sold too soon to unsuspecting customers, my original unit arrived without some of the chasis screws, which I was never able to get from Perpetual, dispite many attempts. They also have over charged my credit card several times. Be aware of young companies in the high end. Audio Alchemy, where are you now??
For what it is worth, I auditioned one of the very first P1A production units. I compared it to my Theta Pro GenVa (96K) and my MSB Platinum. I noticed distortion and glare and returned it with a note explaining my experience and suggesting that the software needed work. They were very professional to me in the handling of my credit card and refund.
You mentioned "design floor", "glare", I am guessing - floor glare - and "floored product". Is this the right forum for your household complaints? On more serious note however, Perpetual Technologies name may be new but the people behind the name are very well known designers and manufacturers of fine audiophile equipment at the most reasonable price. If there is a minor problem with their design, I hope they will fix it soon. Oh, one more thing. I think they may have charged your card several times to make up for the low price of the equipment. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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Calm down Gthirteen: Just pour the soder into one of your airline beverage cups (that is if you have not cut holes in the bottems of "all" of them). And if you had not eaten so many of those peanut packs, you would not be so thirsty.
Ttanib you mean FLAW, right? Looks like Gthirteen is not going to cut you any slack. Oh by the way Ttanib, you're not from New Yawk are you? I auditioned a P3 briefly, another bugaboo product, hopefully corrected.
There is more info on the DAC at Audio Asylum Digital Forum. If the whole package (with power supply and room corrction at around $2000.00) works "well" eventually with the room correction software that is forthcoming I guess that it would be considered a good deal.
Dekay, how do you like your Bel Canto so far? Now that you have mentioned about P-3A etc. combination, I am in agony which one I should go for... Ken
Hi Ken: Still have not hooked it up and am waiting on my digital cable that had to be made up. I just upgraded the shipping to Fed Ex one day yesterday as I am getting a little antsy and would like to avoid dropping more money on a locally purchased cable at this time. Patience is a virtue that I do not have. The PT setup as you see is up in the air as of yet. I just meant that if they work out the bugs and supply the software in a timely manner that it is around $3000.00 less than other like systems, maybe even more. I am fascinated by the posts on the Tact system, but am unable to afford it, nor can I swing $2000.00 for PT's complete setup even if works out with favorable reviews. Since you are using a HT receiver (I think) on the Signums I feel that you might be better of starting out with an amp upgrade and finding out how your player responds to the better preamp section. Any of the ones that you have been researching should be fine as they all have good reviews and user feedback. I am not really in the market for anything other than to add a cd changer to the main rig for my wife to use. That's why the little $150.00 highly touted Aiwa, in the other thread, looks interesting.
Yup, I kind of agree with you. Since I am in no ruch, I will look around and try to decide which path to take. For others, my apologies to have taken off the topic. Ken
I had the same problem with P Tech. I sent it back, as I don't want anything to do with a Co. that sends out flawed gear out with the intention that maybe the customer's system will not reveal the flaw. And if it does we'll just send him another.
Could you elaborate on your PT equipment flaw and on your equipment setup capable of revealing it?