Perpetual Technologies p1A p3A

I am just getting back into audio after 7 years and I am wondering how far behind the P3a P1a Dac/jitter clock combo is from the new stuff. I am thinking I might redo my digital front end. Thanks TAZZ

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Tazzy.. Digital has made some pretty significant improvements in 7 years. That said if I was going to jump back into the hobby I'd take a bigger look at my system by listening to new speakers first, just as if I was starting to build a new system from scratch.
I used to mod these both. They are antiques at this point. A new reclocker/resampler that is much better is the Synchro-Mesh:

Steve N.
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Thanks you guys thats what I thought. Digital is moving so quickly now. Erikminer I will look at everything. I live a long way from where the good stuff to audition is. I am doing alot of reading and asking a few questions :)
Theres also the Genesis digital lens. Old technology but does improve things as does the p1a. No claimed spec though.