Perpetual Tech. gears

I am interested in buying a set of P1A and P3A combo to use in my car. I am actually competing in an Australian National series for car audio and have been behind the leader for quite some time alredy. would it be a significant upgrade over AA DTI V2 and DDE V3? what is the output from the power supply unit. I have successfully design a 12V power supply for AA if PT use the same sort of voltage then this deal sounded even better, since I don't have to redesign thepower again.
The P-3A uses 9V AC. The P-1A uses 12V AC. You would have to modify the circuit board to insert DC.
Channel Islands Audio / Monolithic Sound makes some excellent reasonably priced components. These include an upgrade power supply for the P3A (CI Audio VAC3), and also a combo power supply upgrade for both the P3A and P1A (Monolithic Sound P3B.) Both marks are made by Dusty Vawter, who was also the person responsible for Audio Alchemy. You will definitely want to look at these products, and/or speak with Mr. Vawter. Here's a link to his webpage: CI Audio No affiliation with the brand, I just own *several* CI Audio products and am very very pleased with all of them. It seems with your AA gear, and your Perp. Tech. interest, you're really barking up Dusty's tree.