Perlisten S5t

For those who have had the opportunity to hear and or own the S5t I am very interested in your impressions/opinions. 
Thank you.

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I didn't say I bought the Focals.  I knew they were from France. I liked them best. I bought the Perlisten (2nd favorite) after being told by the dealer there were from Wisconsin. Last time I buy before researching.  I returned them to the dealer, bought the Magicos.

Waaaay to many choices out there that are not chifi.  I have Volti New Rivals built in good ol’ TN.  The build and value is off the charts.  

I looked at the Perlistens....Not worth 14K IMO......Bought the Borresen X-3's for 11K....much better looking and the Borresen sound is lifelike even at low volume.  Looks wise there is no comparison. The X-3's are a  work of art. and made in Denmark, Not China.

The question was about the sound of the S5t.  What do we get?  A bunch of crap about China.  Why?  Your opinion about where they are made is not relevant to the discussion/question.  Keep it to yourself.  The question was about the sound of a specific loudspeaker model.  Not your political views of the world.  Ugly.  Ugly. Ugly.