periphery ring clamps worth money

Does anyone think periphery ring clamps improve the sound of 180 gram records or are they useful only on warped records?
Hi Joeyfed, Just perform a search on "ring" in the analog section. You will find plenty of discussion on the topic.
It depends on the rig and the system as a whole. The more help your TT needs to sink vibations away from the record and/or the more resolving the system, the more difference you'll probably hear.

On my Teres 265/OL Silver, a ring made a sonic improvement on all records. In truth, flattening warped records was a side benefit. The greatest benefit came from the ring's ability to help the platter absorb and reduce vibrations from the stylus-groove interface. Using it produced a consistently lower sound floor... less mud, greater musical and sonic clarity.

Again, YMMV depending on circumstances.
Bought my VPI Classic 3 new without the ring in order to save a few bucks; and a year later bought a used VPI ring off Audiogon. IMHO it improves the sound of all lps, warped or not. And it makes the TT look darn sexy. Highly recommended.
Yes, TT Weights are a better value and more effective then the VPI's, if you have a VPI turntable. How do I know? Tried both, the TT was a clear winner. Now, if I could only afford an electron microscope platform under the rig, happiness would be in sight. The madness goes on.