Periphery Ring Clamp & Cartridge Compatibility?

Just Received a Periphery Ring from George Merrill of Analog Emporium. Noticed that My humble Sumiko Pearl Cartridge body mechanically touches the rings interior clamping metal when I try to cue the first track even if I am cueing at the edge of the lead in groove and actually it interfers with playback for a portion of first track.

Read through the 6Moons review by John Potis of Merrill-Scillia MS2 turntable which uses the same Periphery clamping ring and a Ortofon Kontrapunkt h was incorportated into the set-up. This large low body style cartridge was not mentioned in any way in the conditions/caveat section to be incompatible with the ring!!

Has Anyone of the fine members here involved with Analog and Periphery Rings from VPI, Merrill, or the Universal RSR ring experienced similar issues? Are there any brillant solutions?

With Respect to the Universal RSR which I was originally going to purchase, I cannot get responses to my emails, Any members aware of updated contact info or current availability of this product?

Has any member modified or found a clever way to use a VPI ring on table of another manufacturer?

Perhaps George Merrill shipped me out a prototype ring by accident instead of a current production ring. I noticed upon weighing the ring that it was 432g or 15 1/4oz. where on the Merrill-Scillia sight the ring is reported to be 907.2g or 2 lbs. Has anyone with this ring investigated the actual weight of the product?

My Setup is Pro-Ject RM10 with 10CC carbon fiber arm, Pro-Ject Brass/Composite Inner Weight clamp, Sumiko Pearl Cartridge, and Speedbox II.

Thanks in Advance to all whom read my long-winded wondering mind interogatives and give consideration followed by their thoughts in reply!
I have a similar issue with a vpi ring. This is my second ring. I sent the first one back to vpi to get one less magnetic. I use a benz ruby 3 and it is pulled out by the ring. If I lower very carefully it will be pulled out just enough to land in the lead in groove without hitting the ring.
I experience this when the VTA was too low on my Benz LP/VPI. With proper setup, there is occasional slight scraping on records with a high edge, but once the music begins, it's fine.
No problems w. the RSR or Kenwood rings on any of the "smaller" body cartridges. The RSR is made of Aluminum (if I remember correctly) and is fairly light. It does not attract the cartridge. But w. low VTA any cartridge might be too low to clear the lip of the outer ring. A bigger concern would be tonearm compatibility w. the outer ring. Some arms are just not long enough or are too thick or the cueing bar or arm rest is just in the way.
I own the Merrill ring, too. Initially, I had the same problem. It ended up that my VTA was too low. Also, you have to make sure that the ring is absolutely centered. I have six tables (all Regas) and it works well with all of them. By the way, I gave up on the Universal RSR. Mr. Bruill could not be bothered to answer my emails either. I was ready to buy. He has a place on his site to donate to him. I even did that. He was quick to claim that Paypal donation, but still could not be bothered to respond to a potential paying customer. Figures.
I have a Benz LP/SSM and have plenty of room on the lead in even with the clamp. I guess I didn't realize other companies were making ring clamps.