Perhaps not esoteric or "fringe" but the Chester and Lester album can bring pleasure

The album, now CD, that was done by Chet Atkins and Les Paul has been fun to listen to for many years.  May not be your cup of tea.  It has nothing to do with country music, it is songs that most would label as "standards".
+1 ... (Emphasis added...)

a performance masterpiece that I use as one of my demo CD Disks for many years now.
Chet Atkins was a major influence on George Harrison, Les Paul on many great guitarists, including and especially Jeff Beck. Atkins also did an album with Mark Knopfler entitled Neck And Neck.
I could listen to Chet Atkins play the phone book. 🏆
I own the record but not much interested in the content. All the songs seem to sound the same and I dislike the banter between Chester and Lester.
yeah good one whatjd....I also like the Chet & Jerry Reed album and the Chet & Merle Travis ones enjoy!