Perhaps just O.F.S., but I still have fond audio memory of the Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3...

Perhaps just a serious case of O.F.S. (old fart syndrome) but of all the high end interconnects I have used over the years...I still have some memories of the Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3 that others have not created.  

I may just be living out a "something in the past was the best" syndrome, but if any have experience with this generation of that cable, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.  Thanks
that cable was good for the system that you had at that time.....but would it work with what you have now ?

you always seem to talk about what you have had you not have a system now ?   

why not talk about that vs what you had all the time ?

time to move forward.....
Riley, perhaps you are correct.  But with many consumer products, some from the past are very well thought of.  Be it Ferraris, Porsches, Nikons, Rolexes or other "high end" items you can think of, many "old" items are very well regarded now.   The solid rose gold Bubbleback I sold is still one I think of, but I know there are more accurate watches, but that one looked damn cool. 

I do have two systems and some esoteric radios and other "stuff" but some items I have had in the past were quite good.

The various components I use now do get rotated and updated when I can or want.  But some of what I had in the past, I would still rate well.  Some of the used items on A'goN, ebay and other sites seem to attest to the value of some items from the past.  

Perhaps the trend has a different aim in the present.  

I am using Magnepan 20, BAT, CJ, Audio Research and mainly Wireworld and Nordost.  But it is as it has always been...a bit subject to what is currently in the system...a moving target since the early seventies.  Perhaps there is a "syndrome" that audiophiles (or is that piles?) have in finding enjoyment in the revolving door of components?  I know there is a high of "something new" in many things, including people.   

Sometime I should think of what I have had that I still remember and think well of, ...I know there are items I have had that I may not remember much, which says quite a bit....either about the item, or my memory. 

Perhaps I am in the "time of life" where reflection on many things, including stereo items, may be normal.  I don't know if any speakers since have had the impact on my thoughts/feelings/experience like the original Large Advents. ...I know the MG-20 and various Martin-Logan's were better, but that learning experience of the Advents is cemented in my audio memory/feelings. 

In writing this, at my P.C. desk, I am thinking that the old Nakamichi TM-1 & TM-2 on a local Jazz station probably get the most of my "ear time". 

Take care, Jim 

(one of the "old fart" thoughts is would the original Yamaha B-2 sound like now?)  Much like having an old car that brings more joy than a more current one.  C'est la vie (Sorry, too long)