Perhaps a foolish question, but .....

I'm thinking about getting the newly released Beatles mono LP set. My integrated amp does not have a "mono switch," nor do I have a mono phono cartridge. Will I still be able to enjoy these mono LP's that everyone is raving about, or will I be wasting my money since my system is not equipped to specifically handle "mono" music ?
Haven't you played yet mono vinyl on your stereo? Any stereo system can play mono vinyl with no issues.
Since my system has 2 turntables and secondary TT apparently having replacable headshell, I can easily swap between mono and stereo cartridge. With mono cartridge I get better presentation, tone and clarity. With mono system you can step even above that.
Listening experience overall for mono records on stereo pickup and amlification should not be considered wasting money. It's just getting the very best out of mono vinyl with dedicated mono system.
On most Mono Cartridges the signal is output on 4 pins as usual, the positive signal is on the red and the white pins the negative is on the green and blue pins. This fed into a stereo system will render a image precisely centered between the two speakers.

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" This fed into a stereo system will render a image precisely centered between the two speakers."

I have the mono box set. Nothing special needed to get similar results with that.
The mono CD box set that is.
Adam, you can always inexpensively use two "Y" adapters when you listen to the Mono Box Set, then just remove them when you listen to everything else.

This because the CD is produced with the same content in both left and right channels, therefore you will get an image precisely centered between a pair of speakers. This is of course the same effect as a mono cartridge feeding the same signal into both the left and right channel of a stereo phono preamp.

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Thanks Mofimadness .... seems like a simple solution.'re welcome. Very easy and cheap to do.
Hah I used to use mono switch a lot when was listening to early Beatles stereo releases. Mono switch helped a lot to mask poor stereo mastering back then.