Performance of the Mark Levinson 360S

Hello to all,

I am interested in input regarding the performance enhancements associated with the addition of a ML 360S DAC into my current system. As a background, I have upgraded much of my stereo, and currently own the following components:

- Mark Levinson 335 AMP (with factory caps upgrade)
- Mark Levinson 380S preamp
- Revel Studio speakers
- Madrigal CZ Gel interconnects
- Transparent Ultra biwire speaker cables

Prior to the upgrades above, I had sold my old CD player, as my wife had wanted a DVD player for this room. The new player is an 18 month old Pioneer Elite Progressive Scan DVD player (Model DV-37). It is in use for movies, and I have been temporarily using it for music playback as well.... until I make a permanant decision regarding CD playback.

I am limited in terms of adding much more gear, and because of this, I am considering the dual use of the DV-37, one for playing movies as I am already doing, and the other as strictly a CD transport..... for digital audio output into a 360S for processing. Incedentally, the DV-37 has several digital output options. (I only have room for the addition of 1 more component, and my wife would not be thrilled with the elimination of the DVD player for the purpose of a stand alone CD transport. Thus, this seems like a viable option.)

The audio quality is not bad coming out of the DV-37 into the Madrigal gear, but I am curious what differences would be appearent should I add the DAC. Would they likely be subtle, or dramatic? Accordingly, in what ways? Also, what would be the best digital connection method out of the DVD and into the 360S for this application? Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I am using a 360s dac with a modwrite sony dvp7700.I have never heard the dv-37 . The improvements should be dramatic not subtle in every aspect.The 360s is a great dac.Use balanced out to 360s if the dv37 has it for your digital connection.
I use the Levinson No. 37 transport and the 360S DAC, and the 360S is an excellent and very musical DAC with no musical weaknesses, IMO. Highly recommended. I use the very musical Cardas AES/EBU digital cable for connection. I did not like the analytical presentation of the Madrigal AES/EBU digital cable. If your transport does not have AES/EBU connectors, I'd suggest the Cardas Lightning digital cable in RCA. Cheers. Craig
I have a 360S and it would be a big step forward from your DV37 by itself. The problem is you would then have a top notch system with an average transport at least compared to the level of quality elsewhere in your system. Consider a #37 Levinson transport or if you want DVD also, get a Proceed PMDT which does both way better than the Pioneer. I know it's a fair step up price wise, but in my opinion, the Pioneer just is out of it's league in your system except as a "temp" unit--soon to be upgraded! Transparent digital cables are the best I've tried either coax or balanced, depending on the transport. --Tom
In response to Walkingman's post I'd just like to point out the "reclocking" capability of the 360S. The Levinson manual for this unit suggests it's not necessary to have the best transport to make the 360 work well. Included in the dac is a device that temporarily stored all the digital info before processing it, removing nonliniarities and mistakes known as jitter. Now I'm no digital engineer so this could just be hype(Lord knows this hobby is full of it). On the other hand, Levinson doesn't usually fuck around with smoke and mirror marketing like other do so I'd tend to believe it and their explanation, and hopefully mine, makes sense.