Performance loss in used amplifiers?

Recently purchased Mark Levinson 383, 6 years old. Should I be worried about any performance loss? Specifically, does anything in the amp "wear out"? in this amp or any amp. Assume, normal use.
If it has any electrolytic capacitors and the unit is ten years or older it would be useful to have a tech check it out as this is a very expensive piece to service if it breaks. Same thing for tube preamps/amps, too.

The switches may get dirty over the years with many units; don't know if this will happen to Levinson.
What an excellent question! I echo the first response on the elctrolytic caps......and I can tell you that transistor amplifiers are FULL of them! The lifecycle of electrolytic caps and carbon resistors (not in your unit) are just a fact of life.

If you are a solid state fan - be prepared for this. Also, realize that with great sounding audio the parts are recipe - meaning that you would be challenged to find that brand, voltage rating, and microfarad rating or suffer a change in sonics with a different brand if you were to change them. It's like a recipe - use the same ingredients or you won't have the same taste. That has been my experience in tweaks over the years.

C123 is right on - after ten years start thinking it over. With quality gear like your Levinson I wouldn't get paranoid about the large can caps until about the 15 year mark. My ex runs a unserviced, 21 year old Hafler DH200 that's still cranking as new into large Advents. A few years back I replaced the 12 year old large can caps in a Threshold S300 and noticed no real performance change. However it felt good to know they were done. Some cats hype boosting the total capacitance and modding to a faster rectifier bridge. But being a keep-it-stock kinda guy, when the next time comes I'll do what I did before: source the closest OEM equivalents, unscrew the old ones and slip in the new. For now if your amp is working right it sounds like you'll be OK for a while yet.
at least you don't need to worry about breaking in a new amplifier. i also buy used amplifiers and so far had no problems.
it just purchased a cherry p300 accuphase(35 years old)and it performs to spec. the levinson should be fine.
Great insight. Thanks everyone. Ted
I own the 'boat-anchor' called White Audio Labs A100. I don't know how old it is but it has a blown transformer for 1 ch. The place that diagnosed the prob.says both trannies should be replaced. Where does one get these? and, how much for the parts and r&r labor?? Transformers R-us?? duh?
Try to visit Mercury Magnetics that manufacture transformers for any application and any gear.
It's only enough to say to them model # and they will manufacture to you exact copy with matched color code of the wires.
If you're OK with soldering iron it's just a matter of carefull resoldering wires by the color code and mounting these trannies.
One more thing to look for: get a closeup picture of the PCB. Look closely for any sign that the unit has been modified (tampered with, upgraded). You can usually see crummy soldering; if you can't at least the job was done neatly. Always ask the owner if the unit has been serviced by anybody other than an authorized service tech.

And...when buying a used preamplifier be very specific when asking if it works correctly. For example, if it has a phono section and a headphone amplifier have the seller explicitily advise you that both features work correctly. I have had sellers tell me "oh, I did not have a turntable so I could not check the phono". This was after telling me it was mint and all was well; not. I have a dispute going at the moment on such an issue.
Hey;--Thanks for the help, Marakanetz---I will see what they can do for me. Looking for Randy White seems a lost cause. My experience has led me to stay away from older SS amps.