perfectwave combo or..? MBL + Bryston setup

MBL 111F + 2x Bryston 28SST2

Will likely be using ARC Ref 3 pre, still debating

Thoughts on getting the PS Audio Perfectwave DAC/Transport combo for this setup? is it "high-end" enough? any better options?

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I think it depends on your media. A lot of network streamers will do file based, but it sounds like you still have a lot of CDs. Do you play SACD/DVDA too? If so (and you have the money), consider the MSB Universal Media Transport and one of their DACs:

That said, I enjoy my PWD + Bridge immensely. I listen to a lot of high resolution FLAC files downloaded from HD Tracks and Linn and think it does a great job for the money. About the only thing I would consider replacing it with at this point is if I found a smoking deal on a Linn Klimax DS.