Perfectionist Audio Components Pro Reference II

Has anyone listened to or owned the Perfectionist Audio Components II preamp?

Thank You
I think you are going back quite a few years, since according to one person, Mel Hodes died at least ten years ago. He was very knowledgeable, though, a sincere dealer with a good ear.

I believe the designers name is Larry Smith and he is alive and well last I heard.
Dont know if there is still an interest but he "Larry Smith" is still alive and kicking. Or at least I hope so as he is my kids Grandfather.
Larry helped me update my PAC Pro-Reference II power supply about 7 years ago and was extremely helpful and did great job.
I am still using it in my main system. They are designed to use Telefunken smooth plate 12AX7's throughout and after trying other combinations Larry's voicing is correct. Use those tubes and the sound is magical. I have a 1984 model with the outboard power supply and it is fantastic.
Hello Audiophiles 

I have a Perfectionist Audio Pro Reference 3 preamp but no manual. I need a manual so I can properly adjust the phono section. PLEASE HELP!