I don't know about others here, but when I am listening to a favorite piece of music the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when everything is right. To me when this happens I realize what a good investment I have made, and can think of little else I would like to be doing(if you know what I mean). Does any one else feel this way or should I take evrybodies advice and find a shrink?
Don't worry, it just means you're alive...
I try to get there at least once a week (usually Sat evening after a couple of beers). I have been listening to "The Gladiator" soundtrack lately. If you like incredible dynamics and deep bass, you will love this CD. If that won't make the hairs stand up, I don't know what will.
I think I'd try shaving your back. This sounds serious to me! Oh and yea, I have the same feeling, EVERY NIGHT! I love music and how my body relaxes with it. J.D.
Tireguy: I have rarely experienced what you describe with music playback and then only with the human voice. Live I have gotten it from odd beats (such as good fifths played on the drums), voice of course and on rare occasions from combinations of instrumental notes and textures. You are very lucky if it is a regular occurrence with your system, plus it's legal.
Oh waiter--I'll have what he's having!
Yes, certain music does that for me too. Sometimes if I am mentioning a piece to someone and describing it to them, the goosebumps come then, too!! Certain moments in familiar films do it too. (Like the tears gushing when Schindler in "Schindler's List" starts babbling about all the things he could have done, more, to save more people, or in "Black Stallion" when the race is won and the boy is flashing back on riding on the beach... geeze, I'm getting bumps now!)
The music is the thing ... I get goosebumps and tears listeneing to the clock radio, if it's really music. If you really love the music, the playback system can be secondary. I was lucky enough to attend undergrad with mezzos Stephanie Blythe and Margret Lattimore ... to this day you could play them to me through a tin can and I'd still respond with the same goose bumps I got when I listened to them all those years ago live.