perfect speakers for atmasphere amp and preamp

I'm currently using Aerial Accoustic 10ts with my Atmasphere MA1 and MP1. I make it work by using Spletz Autoformers but am looking for a better speaker match. Any suggesions?
I have heard terrific matches of Atma-Sphere electronics and Dynaudio C1's and Audio Physic speakers, can't remember exactly which model, but they were below the Scorpio's.
Merlin VSM, Soundlab, Classic Audio Reproductions.
Most good ones with the right sensitivity and the higher the impedance, the better. IMO the autoformers negate much of the otl advantage.
Probably many or most of the models mentioned in this thread about high efficiency speakers, although the power capability of your MA1's may be overkill for some of them.

Coincident and Devore would undoubtedly be good choices to consider, as would Daedalus. The Daedalus Ulysses, which I own, are nominally only 6 ohms, but are a very benign 6 ohms in terms of the flatness of their impedance vs. frequency curve, and also, I'm fairly certain, in terms of avoidance of significantly capacitive phase angles, especially with the all-poly crossover option that is offered. See the comments near the end of that thread by Jazdoc, Atmasphere, and others.

-- Al
Wilson, Audiokinesis, JM Labs, Vandersteen, Coincident, Daedelus, Quad, Ridgestreet Audio, Ref 3A, Magnaplanar, to name a few not already mentioned.
If it were me, and there were no price or room constraints, I'd be looking at both Classic Audio Reproduction speakers with the field coil drivers (recommended on many occasions here by Ralph/Atmasphere) or a perhaps a pair of Avantgarde or similar but more custom designed horns. The best I have heard were a pair of custom GOTO horns at last years Capital Audiofest. These running off some very nice Audio Note tube amps were very fine indeed!

Audio Note speakers (some of the less expensive versions) would likely get an audition with me though I have not heard these yet.

Were I more financially challenged, I would definitely take a look at a pair of the better Audiokinesis speakers, like teh Jazz Modules.

I have heard the PSB Synchrony speakers do very well off of other similar qualty higher power tube amps, like Rogue, so those are another I would consider on a budget.

I am also a fan of the better Triangle speakers. These might be one of the better quality more budget friendly speakers I can think of that are quite tube friendly as well.

Of course, Zu's are popular these days as well. I would be interested in auditioning those.
You should certainly take a look and listen to the Wilson Benesch Curves. This is more then a good match with Atma-Sphere, it is magical. The Curves though not super high efficiency use a first order crossover that doesn't suck life out of the music. The midrange runs wide open up to 5k so it is almost directly connected to the amplifier.

What you will hear is amazing speed clarity plus Atma-Sphere's huge sound stage with front to back depth and layering.

I used to have the Mk-60's so you will have plenty of power.

Wilson Benesch Dealer Disclaimer
The most expensive Dual Concentric Tannoy's you can afford.
I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful responses. Does anyone out there have experience with match of my Atma-sphere MA1 and MP1 gear and any of the Coincident speakers? Distribution is thin and I need your help.
Go to the Coincident Speaker web site and send an email to Israel Blume. He`s friendly and approachable and responds in a very timely manner.He has vast experience with your amp and his speakers.
Merlin VSMs - no question. They also sounded great with the Audiokinesis speakers at RMAF.
Well if its any help, Israel had a set of MA-1 MkIIIs up until about a year ago. They work fine with any of his speakers.
Someone over at Audiocircle uses the Vandersteen 5 or the 5A's with his atmaspheres and loves them. I believe he was previously using the Salk HT3's which he felt were almost as good
I've heard the MA-1 / Vandy 5A combo that Metman refers to in the above post. Beautiful combo.
I don't want to say too much for now but I will say the TAD CR-1 with the zero former works very well with the MA-1,s.
They sounded pretty good on the VMPS RM50s in Vegas last January
I'm on my third pair of M60s, and listened to Atma Spheres (mine and others) with AudioKinesis (show), Avalon (acquaintance), Cabasse (borrowed from an acquaintance), Classic Audio Reproductions (show), Coincident (currently own), Consonance (previously owned), Daedalus (show), DeVore (my local dealer), ElectroVoice (currently own), Fried (multiple models - currently own), Gemme (previously owned), Gershman (my local dealer), Gingko (friend), Horning (currently owned), Lamhorn (friend), Merlin (multiple models - currently and previously owned), Millersound (borrowed from a friend), Rega (my local dealer), Vandersteen (friend), Voigt Pipes (friend), and Wilson (acquaintance).

Absolutely no question about it, the best, and it really is not even close, have been the true TL Frieds (Studio V, prototype Studio "6", Studio 7, and Valhalla System). Bud Fried disliked tubes, but was not at all surprised by this, as his raison d'etre was the "resistive, not reactive loudspeaker", of which series crossovers, true TL, and low Qts drivers were simply the means to the end. These same Frieds also seem to find their best match in the Atma Spheres.

I'd also give a recommendation, each for differing reasons, to AudioKinesis (rich, full-bodied, and easy to listen to), Classic Audio Reproduction (dynamic), ElectroVoice (dynamic), Merlin (coherence), and Rega (rich, full-bodied, and easy to listen to). Though I'm more than fond of the loudspeakers, I would be wary of the ancillaries, room, personal taste, etc. with the CAR horns, as things could cross the line of what I consider relentless. Apart from the kind of bottom end that a more modern high-end audiophile are not in love with (some also seem to focus on the poor woofer/horn integration), the Consonance M15 horns were a more than fair match as well, but the build quality of that loudspeaker precludes my recommendation.

In my opinion, the loudspeaker - amplifier match is among the most personal in audio; these amplifiers are unique enough that they seem to magnify that relationship.
My Atma-Sphere S-30 and Raidho C1.1s are, perhaps surprising to many, a perfect match using Paul Speltz auto-transformers. Lots of headroom. Now that I have the PS Audio DS DAC I have an extra 10db to 20db gain for tons of head room on all recordings.