Perfect Speaker Placement - Put next to the back wall as much as possible.


I happen to find an good article about the ideal speaker placement. 
(Easiest version without numbers & formulas that I can’t honestly understand :D)

I’d like to share. 

Personally I find two things interesting.

1) Only use 40% of the room area (38% rule)

2) Put the speaker as close as possible to the back-wall (next to bass trap)

Of course, minor adjustment would be required depending on speakers.
Still, I think this is helpful to figure out the very first step.

Happy listening.

p.s. what should I do with half of the room left... :?
I would put a bookshelf in the back half, stocked with copies of Robert Harley's The Complete Guide to High End Audio. The article you cited can then be printed out crumpled up lit on fire and used to light your barbecue. Might as well get something useful out of it.
Isn’t it written by the world class professional studio engineer? I thought that it’s professional standard. 
Any industry insider?

It’s interesting that there are two completely different ideas.

Just to be clear, of course things are dependent on situation. Many speaker manufacturers recommends equilateral triangle set up as the starting point yet notably the engineer of Harbeth recommends a 1:1:1.5 triangle shape. 
The best part about speaker placement is that it cost zero to try for one self.