Perfect Speaker Cables

I know that's not possible, but given my components, maybe there's someone w/ experience that has some opinions. I know that's hard to find here, but I'm hoping to benefit from others experience and listening. I'm looking for perceptions of speaker cables between a TriVista 300 and JMLabs Electra 936's. If there are some confirgurations whether bi-wire or otherwise, that people think are particularly sweet, I'm willing to invest in some experimentation. I'm currently using 8ft single pair MIT AV-t 1. I'm open for suggestions.
Try a pair of NBS Monitor II bi-wire cables. Very clean, open and detailed with bass definition and control. These cables use to be ultra expensive, but have been coming back down to earth and are now a steal compared to the competition. Good price for a great cable.

Read Robert Hartley's review from the NBS website for the Montior III - and remember than when he did the review these cables we fetching 3 times the current price and the Monitor II is a step above the Monitor III.

Highly recommend auditioning's Au24 speaker cables and Au24 interconnects. Considering their sonic qualities, these are definitely a best buy. By far the best cable I've owned.

In addition, Audience will provide you a 30 to 60 day evaluation.

Your best bet is to contact JMlabs and find out what type
of cable they use inside your speaker. After that try to match it. I am pretty sure that your amp binding post are mounted directly to the circuit board. That will make things easier, just match the quality of the cable inside your speaker. Linn and Naim sell their customer the same type of speaker cable used inside their speakers. I won't
be surprised if you can get a match from JMLabs. Hope this helps.
I love SONORAN PLATEAU speaker cables with my JM Lab 926 go
to the discussion forum and read about SONORAN cables or
contact Robert at STAR SOUND 1-877-668-4332.He will let you
try the cables. Good LUCK
Thanks for the suggestions. Depending on the return policies and/or the cost of these suggesions, I may try them all. I'll be inquiring on what JMLabs uses this week.
also ask jmlabs what type of amp..solid state or tube.