Perfect sound Now what?

I don't know about you guys, but the amount of thought, time and money that I devote to this hobby/quest can hardly be called insignificant. Let's assume, pretend might be better, that perfect sound is actually achieved. Bose does it! They crack the code and give us perfection... on the cheap (I never promised this wasn't going to hurt a little). What would you guys do to fill the void. What activities would you pour your considerable, newly found, disposable income time and effort into? I think I'd like to give photography a whirl. Maybe build an ultralight plane. Ever give this any thought?
I guess if everyone else bought into the "perfect sound" machine I'd spend my time buying all the cool gear they were selling on the cheap. And I would listen to all my music on all that cool gear, over and over again.

Perfect sound - Where's the fun in that?
Since completing my system (for the most part), I have really enjoyed the process of collecting music. For years, I spent my money on gear and would squeeze in media when I could. Now, over the last 2 years, my media collection as exploded and it is fantastic...I keep searching for and finding more and more interesting music. I do find I am often late to the scene though, i.e. I just discovered Buckethead! I have so much to re-discover and uncover...

Other than that I would hone my photography skills and take more weekend trips...

Bike, hike, climb, swim, you'll feel much better. Then relax and listen to music.
drugs and sex and rock and roll. Since you're positing a fantasy world, those things would have no side effects, and we'd all be different, too.

the next step up from a great stereo is to get season tickets to the symphony. Or have Sting come play at your Christmas party, as an attorney in Texas did this year.
Have my ears checked?