Perfect Pop Songs

Those with the kind of music, lyrics, performance, arrangement and production that you could easily repeat all day.

How about starting with this one? Somewhat outside of her usual cannon and none the worse for it. Perhaps also a contender for the sexiest vocals ever?

Louie Louie  by Julie London
"Pop song", as in ’popular’ debatable....

Luka ~ Suzanne Vega is lush with wonderous clarity, but the subject is painful in it's way....

'Popular".....with some of us, and if it's only me....your loss.
Just Another Tricky Day (The Who)...for all of us.... ;)

...but I like this, just because it gets the blood moving...
POP!. Was and is music that crosses from category to category and ALL music preferences goes out the window. Ya just want to listen to it.

When I was a kid, POP, was what I listened to. So "Elephant walk", was POP, just like "Ruby" , "Born to be Wild", "Girls just want to have fun", "Whip It", and "A boy named Sue". All POP! Just like a lot of the folks said. "You’ll know it when you hear it."

This morning's offering:

The Beat - "Save It For Later"

@reubent ,

Wow, my favourite Beat record. Great video but muted sound. It normally sounds a lot more punchy. 
Here's a slightly cleaner version with lyrics.

The early 80s were a great time for UK singles. Here's one that went straight to number 1 in its first week by the group that were being seen then as the new Beatles.

The Jam - Going Underground