Perfect Pop Songs

Those with the kind of music, lyrics, performance, arrangement and production that you could easily repeat all day.

How about starting with this one? Somewhat outside of her usual cannon and none the worse for it. Perhaps also a contender for the sexiest vocals ever?

Louie Louie  by Julie London
"Only the Lonely" The Motel"
"Stacy's Mom" Fountains of Wayne
Another vote for "God Only Knows"; I'd also add "Day After Day" by Badfinger.
A lot of great suggestions but--how about the most obvious. To me, the quintessential pop tunes as expressions of rebellion, teenage angst and/or lust are:

I Saw Her Standing There
 Like a Rolling Stone

Unlike many great pop songs, I have never tired of hearing these.

For a great sleeper:

Tighter, Tighter
by Alive and Kicking--Co-written, co-produced  and sung (one of the two vocalists on the record) by Tommy James
(Likely deleted/blocked before seen by some....)

Something About You ~ Level 42

Violet ~ Hole

By Myself ~ Linkin Park

Disappear ~ INXS

Everywhere I Go ~ The Call

Clocks ~ Coldplay

Six Underground ~ Sneaker Pimps (Neliee Hoopers' remix is better, tho...)

(There She Goes is on my playlist as well, just to be transparent 'n all/...)

"Pop song", as in ’popular’ debatable....

Luka ~ Suzanne Vega is lush with wonderous clarity, but the subject is painful in it's way....

'Popular".....with some of us, and if it's only me....your loss.